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Man, Bill Maher used to be so awesome...

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User Info: CaptainKO

6 years ago#41
NeotheLight posted...
This week's episode clearly showed why he is in his own class.

Bill with Jane Lynch read one of Wiener's text sex messages between him and the Black Jack girl. Word for word with no censorship.

It was funny as hell too.

User Info: AngryJackal

6 years ago#42
The problem with this reasoning is that it makes it almost impossible for a religious person to sacrifice his or her life courageously. Are you willing to say that every Christian ever awarded a posthumous medal for heroism did not deserve it? I'm not-- part of being human is fearing death and doubting that anything waits for you beyond it, and there is great courage in conquering these fears, even if you're convinced on a rational level that you will immediately awake in paradise.

A fanatical Christian who wants to become a martyr? Yes. What I'm saying that dying to them is not some courageous thing or a big deal because they believe, beyond a shadow of a doubt, they'll be going somewhere better if and when they die.

Do they instinctively fear death on a physical level? Maybe. But indoctrination and belief can overcome instinct.
Vigilante, GFAQS unofficial military board.

User Info: TomPettyIsGod

6 years ago#43
I like Mahar himself still, but his show can be really hit or miss. If he has good guests, the conversation can really get going.

Sometimes he gives some really awful interviews though.

User Info: ChickenChaser

6 years ago#44

Why? I don't think you can fault the courage it takes to blow yourself up.

Courage implies doing something in the face of terror or fear ... suicide bombers genuinely believe they are on their way to paradise - in most cases one assumes that by the time they're in place to push the button, there is very little fear involved - rather there is a fervent misguided sense that they are doing something self beneficial.

It's generally a selfish and insane act - not an inherently courageous one.
I'd assume some suicide bombers probably lack the requisite faith and do it under the promise of financial reward or prestige for their families and in that there is some semblance of courage involved... but they're likely the minority.

Most of them do it because their life sucks, and they're ignorant enough to swallow the notion that once they push that button they'll be immediately greeted by 72 virgins, 80,000 servants, and eternal priapism.
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  3. Man, Bill Maher used to be so awesome...

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