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Does the possession of nukes help someone stay in power? Would Libya...

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User Info: KreedDestroyer

6 years ago#1
be different if Gadhafi had nukes?

From my understanding Gadhafi had nukes at one point in time, but no longer has them.

Does the possession of nukes help countries that the United States and NATO would otherwise be against stay in power?

It seems to be working for Pakistan.

More importantly, do you think that the United States would be kissing Gadhafi's ass if he had nukes that could be readily deployed?

User Info: AbtinRand

6 years ago#2
He did? Why doesn't he anymore?
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User Info: itcheyness

6 years ago#3
He was in the process of trying to get nukes, but never did.
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User Info: bsballa09

6 years ago#4
I thought Libya only made chemical and biological weapons, and was in the process of making nukes when they stopped.

Could be wrong.
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User Info: wo0ter

6 years ago#5
They had a operable nuclear weapons program, but never reached the capability to make them. After the 2003 invasion of Iraq, they turned all the materials over to the US govt and stopped the program. If they did have Nuclear weapons, it is unlikely an attack on Libya would have occurred, it's almost as if once you disarm them, then hit them once they are defenseless and trusting you, countries like North Korea are looking hard at this, and now they will be unlikely to ever turn them over.

User Info: WileECoyte

6 years ago#6
Yeah I think so, even if he had nukes that couldn't reach the US he most likely could have reached Europe or the Mid East. I'm sure France, Italy and even Israel would have had a cow not that I would blame them at all. He could also have used them to give the whole world a big FU and nuke the oil supplying nations.

User Info: k darkfire

k darkfire
6 years ago#7
No, because even with Nukes he has no chance of firing them without us seeing it.

User Info: subzero961

6 years ago#8
Short answer yes and I think North Korea figured that out.
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User Info: RRtexasranger13

6 years ago#9
Most countries develop nuclear weapons not so that they can use them offensively, but rather as a deterrent against foreign attacks. Libya once had a nuclear weapons program, but stopped it after the 2003 invasion of Iraq (Iran also stopped theirs, but they allegedly started it back up.). Once a country acquires nuclear weapons, it becomes almost impossible to forcibly remove the government or leader via foreign intervention.

Nuclear weapons is the reason why SK will never attack NK, or Pakistan will never attack India (or visa versa.) Nuclear weapons is the trump card as far as military defenses go. Once you get nuclear weapons, it is likely you will not fight a war in a long time.

If you look at the situation in Libya, I bet they are regretting stopping their nuclear weapons program as if they had the nuke, the West would never had intervened because Libya would have threatened to nuke Europe.

Nukes is also a reason why the US gives so much aid to Pakistan. They need to make sure that the Pakistani government government remains stable because they have nuclear weapons and a located in a very sensitive region. When they give aid to Pakistan, it makes the people happy, and therefore, the government more stable as there will be less unrest.
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User Info: legendoftom

6 years ago#10
You know, I bet if the U.S. military took the money and time they spent in Iraq, they would probably be able to actually initiate SDI.

If you have nukes in this day and age, no one can touch you. Hence why Iran getting nukes is such a threat, and why the U.S. and Israel sent that virus after Iran to stall their nuclear program.
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