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Bruce Bartlett on Paul Ryan's magic budget

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User Info: dirtyarmenian

5 years ago#1

Why does the media pretend like Paul Ryan is "serious" instead of the brazen partisan that he is? Its the most annoying thing about him. Also, conservatives need more people like Bartlett (does Bartlett even consider himself conservative anymore?) to give honest analysis and its a shame the Republican Party basically excommunicated him.
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User Info: HotSnakes

5 years ago#2
I remember back when Ryan's Path to Prosperity budget (or whatever it was called) came out, and the libertarians/fiscal conservatives loved it. That is, until Krugman and various budget analysts pointed out all the gaping holes, gimmicks, and errors in his plan to finance huge tax cuts for the rich via dismantling of the safety net. It was hilarious how ANGRY the libertarian trollbots on this board got when you dared impugn the integrity of Ryan and his budget plans.
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