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Herman Cain to launch own Web TV

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User Info: fan211

5 years ago#1

It's a little hard to sum it up, but, in an apparent effort to highlight the variety of programming that can be found on Cain TV, it winds up having an acid-trip surrealism about it that is almost breathtaking to behold.

Words reading "Cain TV Is Real American Everything!" flash across the screen. Then we see, in succession:
"COMMENTARY": This consists of a man mumbling negative things about Sandra Fluke.
"STREET SMARTS WITH LEWIS BROWN": 'I'm Lou from Hollywood," Lou from Hollywood says, "and my mouth don't write checks that my ass can't cash." He proceeds to bash Hillary Clinton.
"DOCUMENTARIES": Terrorists at the Mexican border!
A cartoon that shows Ronald Reagan lecturing Barack Obama about the redistribution of wealth.
"I WANT YOUR MONEY": "a controversial look at government spending." (This features a cartoon Obama as Uncle Sam.)
"A Uniquely American Look At Hypocrisy": Al Gore. The Kennedys. Noam Chomsky. Michael Moore. All hypocrites. All, presumably, ready for a Cain-esque seeing-to.
"FAMILY": A CGI cartoon about a dinosaur who finds a red white and blue egg in her nest. Out of it hatches a little dinosaur named Tex. "I love my family, this land and Thanksgiving each fall!" Tex says.
"FUNNY STUFF": A man named Kivi tells us, "I'm going to make fun of you. And I'm really funny." He then dances to banjo music.
A cartoon where high taxes and regulations make the boss move a company overseas. "Oh, I hate capitalism," one of the workers says.
A guy asks people on the street if Saddam Hussein is alive. One person thinks he is.

And, last but not least: "CAIN": The man himself! After talking about how Ben Franklin called democracy "a well-armed lamb," he cries, "Let's give a lamb a gun! I'm Herman Cain. We are not stupid."

After watching Herman Cain on the Daily Show interviews with John Oliver, I found out how he's making his own web TV and I must be serious, it really feels like a Political Adult Swim. Honestly, I don't think I can take a few shows seriously. The Commentary one seems really bad and hilarious at the same time. I can't tell if this is a satire or serious. This is just...I can't even explain.

Here's Cain TV
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User Info: aarrgus

5 years ago#2
No excuse for the lack of a cooking show named "Biscuits Ain't For Jam" on the lineup.
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User Info: CapoMafia

5 years ago#4
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