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If America were a D&D character, what would her alignment be?

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  3. If America were a D&D character, what would her alignment be?

User Info: Garfieldstein

5 years ago#1
Chaotic Evil if you ask me. What other alignment would continuously bomb Laos for 8 years entirely unprovoked?

User Info: Kradek

5 years ago#2
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User Info: robert21

5 years ago#3
Chaotic evil? Compared to other countries? Heh
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User Info: k debonair

k debonair
5 years ago#4
Lawful/Chaotic Stupid.
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User Info: sumostickfigure

5 years ago#5
Schizophrenic Bipolar sounds about right to me. It's rather incapable of truly good or evil acts as it stands.
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User Info: Calintares

5 years ago#6
It wouldn't have one, my group has a ban on alignments because not everything fits into nice boxes.
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User Info: Sacizinho

5 years ago#7
Chaotic neutral??

User Info: cnekans

5 years ago#8
His username is literally Garfieldstein

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User Info: CoyoteTheGreat

5 years ago#9
The way I see it, alignments could be said to govern a nation's relationship with other nations. I see the chaotic/lawful axis in showing a nation's relationship with international law and agreements made with other states.

A state that is duplicitous, unilateral in nature, and that has no respect for other nation's laws would be chaotic, whereas a lawful nation would strongly respect the sovereignty of other nations. This kind of puts some states in a weird position, because in this sense, China is a very lawful nation (And it has to be, because it always is under scrutiny for human rights, which is why it sings the praises of national sovereignty for other nations so loudly) whereas the US is a very chaotic nation; much of its foreign policy is governed by an agency without any oversight whatsoever and that has no respect for the laws of other nations (The CIA), and it often acts unilaterally.

The question of good and evil is a little more difficult. In DnD, it is a little more straight forward in the sense of altruism vs. selfishness. In international relations theory, often all nations are supposed to be selfish in nature if we are going by the realism school of thought, so perhaps that doesn't work so well. But when we see nations as being built up from individuals, then there might be something salvageable there.

The US runs a really huge gamut of people as it is a very individualistic nature, and some would love to help other countries and do a good job of it, and some would love to exploit them and also do a good job of it, and some would happily see other countries religion and culture destroyed simply for being different. Overall, I think that makes the US a very neutral nation, in the sense that with the huge variety of people in charge of the country, there is a large mixture of altruism and selfishness in their motives.

China on the other hand, is a little more monolithic, and herein we have a sort of problem with this sort of DnD styled analysis of good and evil as altruism and selfishness, because even though the Chinese are very much inward focused (and IE, selfish) in their approach to international relations, they are also undoubtedly a lot less harmful to other nations as well and still do a great deal of good. So you have a case where a nation that would be defined as evil, China, in the end provides more utility for the world than a nation like the US that would be neutral.
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Thanatos the Great 5 years ago#10
Neutral evil. Neutral neutral on its better days, but there haven't been many of those lately.
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