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Would you ever send your kids to an islamic school

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  3. Would you ever send your kids to an islamic school

User Info: Theshamen

4 years ago#1
31.2% (39 votes)
68.8% (86 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Now when I say Islamic school I don't mean Sharia law, girls with Burkas etc etc

The best way to describe it without a paragraph would be Catholic school, but with Islam instead of catholicism

Second, this lets say high school has a top notch everything

the Graduation rate
College acceptance

Everything you could possibly rank them on they are in the top percentile.

Your child has to take one religion class every year, doesnt have to convert or anything like that, will attend about 5 services per year for holidays etc but everything else will be a normal school.

Also the schools pricey in tuition but ncsnake sent you a coupon so it's free
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User Info: itcheyness

4 years ago#2
Free top notch schooling for my kids?

Sure, sign me the **** up.
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User Info: Zero_Destroyer

4 years ago#3
itcheyness posted...
Free top notch schooling for my kids?

Sure, sign me the **** up.

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User Info: Kradek

4 years ago#4
No, I wouldn't want to send them to a Christian school either.

I would prefer private over public schooling, but non theist if at all possible.

Edit: I missed that it's free...that's possibly a deal maker.
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User Info: ForsakenHermit

4 years ago#5
Do they give typical breaks for students? Like for Christmas and what not?
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User Info: Ninjawoflcat

4 years ago#6
Whichever school is closer.
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Why the hell not?

User Info: Brett8

4 years ago#7
My view on it is the same as my view on sending my kids to a Catholic school. In other words, no.

Edit: And that's even accounting for the unrealistic scenario in which it's both top-notch and free to attend. If the Republicans offered to fund public schools to the point that they're all superb in exchange for the right to use them for religious indoctrination, I'd tell them to shove it. Someone shouldn't have to make that trade-off.

User Info: robert21

4 years ago#8
No I wouldn't. Nothing against Islam, but being a Christian myself I would want to raise my child as one. If they later in life want to research Islam and stuff then they will be free to do so
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User Info: UnrivaledKoopa

4 years ago#9
As long as the school supplements and reinforces our core American values, freedom of speech and expression, tolerance, and to be a good person, and not Derpa Derpa Muhammad Jihad, Death to America, sure.

I wouldn't send my kid to the top school in Iran or Saudi Arabia, but an American school with an Islamic angle wouldn't bother me much.

User Info: sfcalimari

4 years ago#10
If I were living in a Muslim country (not gonna happen) then sure, unless the alternative is an even better Godless Western Infidel school.
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