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The latest trend in pro-abortion thinking

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User Info: acolytes

4 years ago#31
He's not even responding anymore.
"I want your blood...I want your souls...And I want 'em both, right now." - Johnny Ringo, Tombstone

User Info: Kwancahi

4 years ago#32
He's not even responding anymore.

He, like most pro-lifers on this board, never actually respond to the claims leveraged against them. They just talk about how 'their beilef is totally not logically inconsistant' even though they never can explain why, or how everyone who disagrees with them is a filthy baby killer who should be ignored.

User Info: squareandrare

4 years ago#33
Replying with "yawn" is really only appropriate when you didn't start the argument with an incoherent, pseudo-intellectual load of crap.

But when your argument is irrational and emotional, replying with "yawn" really just reinforces the idiocy of your argument.

And my previous post was to WordUpButterCup, not the TC. I have little doubt that TC believes he has some kind of a point, even though he doesn't. I've seen nearly identical argumentative structures from other college freshmen who just got done taking their first philosophy class.
"Physics is not a religion. If it were, we'd have a much easier time raising money."
-- Leon Lederman

User Info: BeantownHero

4 years ago#34
WordUpButterCup posted...
How many abortions were needed due to rape and health complicated vs women just being stupid and irresponsible?

Also why do pro-choicers even exist? Oh that's right, their mothers chose life v_v

The key word being "Chose"
Google stock holmes syndrome, before you further show ignorance- beatbyagirl

User Info: TheRunner PD

TheRunner PD
4 years ago#35
Aristotle16807 posted...

Bro. Seriously. Do you even lift?
Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici
nocturnal traveler 4 years ago#36
You guys are a glutton for punishment. Tc got you all, hook, line, and sinker.
--I understand your opinion. I just don't care about it. ~Jedah--

User Info: Aristotle16807

4 years ago#37
I have decided I am going to take ten minutes out of my day everyday to deal with each of your issues.

To some users in this topic,

The actions of one pro lifer does not reflect the actions of all pro life to. Guilty by association? For example, Joe does weed and likes to abuse his pets. Chris does weed as well, does this mean he likes to abuse his pets?

No Name

The pro life group =/= the republican group. It is like saying all democrats are for gun control just because some are. Nice try to derail the topic, though.


It is not the woman's body. If it was her body should would possibly have two vaginas, a penis, two brains, two hearts, four legs, and four arms. Furthermore, if the unborn's life is a life of value than that particular topic is irrelevant. That is if you truly believe a woman can have two brains.

Alright kids. Talk to you tomorrow.

User Info: Jayjs20

4 years ago#38
I look forward to hearing more of your wonderful talking points.

User Info: Pogo_Marimo

4 years ago#39
Aristotle16807 posted...
I have no name posted...
REMINDER: Pro-'lifers' don't give half a **** about life. They just want to punish women for being 'whores'. Pro-'lifers' want to arrest any woman who miscarries. They're scum, pure scum.

Since you are already this delusional I am just going to laugh at you. Now go lift heavy weight.

Ah, you went with the high ground, I see. Good choice, it makes you look sane and reasonable and, by extension, your argument benefits because of it.

User Info: Pogo_Marimo

4 years ago#40
Scratch that, I don't even know why I bother. He spends half of his posts spewing Argumentum Verbosium, and the other half berating other posters Ad Hominem. Whether or not he is intentionally trolling is irrelevant, as he's displayed an inability either way to conduct himself in a polite manner in debate.

Everyone, just put him on your ignore lists and stop quoting him. Trust me when I say you are not missing out on any quality or interesting debate--Another abortion topic will inevitably sprout up anyway, with objectively more potential than this one (If you truly need to sate your thirst for abortion debate).
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