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McCain alleges massive cover up in Benghazi attack.

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User Info: uncgiam

4 years ago#51
_FlUttershy_XXX posted...
In case anyone has forgotten, Benghazi: Americans killed in a terrorist attack in which the Obama Admin. ignored requests for more security because a terrorist attack was highly imminent.

The aftermath: The rational people want answers and those in charge be held responsible. The irrational cretins wish this incident would be ignored and forgotten.

Think: The Fast and Furious fiasco only with immediate deaths of innocent people.

Why did this post fail to mention it was republicans in congress that decreased funding for said requedted security...can't be because it was made by a hack with an agenda could it
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User Info: Doom_Art

4 years ago#52
They'll keep stomping their feet over this. Eventually everyone will get sick of it and will be driven away from them.

Just like the Lewinsky Scandal. They'll never learn.
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User Info: SaikyoStyle

4 years ago#53
Doom_Art posted...
From: BobGeorge | #046
I see you're continuing the tradition of being the worst poster on this board. lol Just go away already. You contribute nothing. Absolutely nothing.

The funny part is he was right.

Most of the **** Republicans have been doing, y'know, saying "no" to everything, fillibuster-ing, and obsessing over stuff like Benghazi is because they're vindictive.

Every time the Republicans are the opposition party they get pissy and angry.

Like when Clinton was prez. 1992 he beat Bush 41 and they hated him for it. Then they won a majority in congress, but he managed to outmanuver them in the government shutdown, and they hated him more. Then he won reelection and they despised him. Then they tried to impeach him over the Lewinsky Scandal but they failed and his approval rating soared, and they despised him even more.

Please don't quote BobGeorge. He is a vile, dishonest troll and an amateur human being.
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  3. McCain alleges massive cover up in Benghazi attack.

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