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If Capitalism undermines democracy, what is the alternative?

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  3. If Capitalism undermines democracy, what is the alternative?

User Info: RufusNKenRSTier

4 years ago#1

The implied answer that I've gotten is a dictatorship, which apparently won't undermine democracy at all (and has not in the past).

That answer seems a bit... flaky... to me.
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User Info: Iamvegito

4 years ago#2
No, unfettered, greedy capitalism undermines democracy. Here's a system that is capitalistic and not full of douchebags plutocrats:
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User Info: Jimayo

4 years ago#3
A constitution that prevents private donors(all candidates receive equal shares of public money) and stiff punishment for politicians who take bribes.
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User Info: flacodiablo

4 years ago#4
Democracy sans lobbists would be a good start.

User Info: Sativa_Rose

4 years ago#5
Capitalism does not undermine democracy at all.

Crony capitalism does, which is what happens when the electorate falls asleep and lets politicians go corrupt.
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User Info: JohnnyTHM1212

4 years ago#6
Iamvegito posted...
No, unfettered, greedy capitalism undermines democracy.
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User Info: GreenTreeClub

4 years ago#7
I think democracy undermines capitalism.
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User Info: Spadermon

4 years ago#8
Workers controlling the means of production. You'll notice I didn't say government or "the people."

But a democratic private sector is still technically socialism, so I guess it's "evil" or something.

User Info: Musourenka

4 years ago#9
Socialism is the alternative.
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User Info: Saber_Tiger

4 years ago#10
Workers controlling the means of production

How would that work? And wouldn't it still involve a large amount of capitalism?
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  3. If Capitalism undermines democracy, what is the alternative?

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