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Did you guys catch Jim Carrey's anti-gun song?

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  3. Did you guys catch Jim Carrey's anti-gun song?

User Info: Smelly_Garage

4 years ago#31
This whole idea that celebrities aren't allowed to have opinions on things is so ****ing stupid
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User Info: GTAVC5947

4 years ago#32
name_unknown posted...
I can't name one movie Jim Carrey has wielding a gun in and I'm not going to count the tommy gun in the Mask. He hasn't profited from violence in movies.

-Dumb and Dumber
-Me, Myself and Irene

Those are the most noteworthy aside from The Mask, though there are a couple others in which he has had a gun.

And the forthcoming Kick-Ass 2
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User Info: CyborgSage00x0

4 years ago#33
The video was great, but not as great as all the Facebook rednecks and Fox News peeps losing their collective ****.
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User Info: Cannibal_Kitty

4 years ago#34
Ignoring the politics, it's a really catchy song. Looking for a download.
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User Info: Kineth

4 years ago#35
I'm surprised that people took a joke video so seriously.
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User Info: RufusNKenRSTier

4 years ago#36
Wait, wasn't he the Riddler?
Granted, not exactly a shoot-em-up kind of villain, but.... :P
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User Info: Cyrus 23

Cyrus 23
4 years ago#37
I'll just leave this here..
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User Info: Cynyn

4 years ago#38
Mr Sandbag posted...
This is the first time I can say I'm laughing at something Jim Carrey said and its not a good thing! XD

If you didn't find anything he's done funny 'til now I'm sorry brah but you have a **** sense of humor.
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User Info: 50inchDLP

4 years ago#39
I've always hated that loser. When I was a kid everyone else thought his movies were so funny and I never once laughed. He was and still is apparently a loser who tries to hard to be funny and comes off as an idiot. -contains my Dreamcast project of putting HD vids of each US game up.

User Info: Kineth

4 years ago#40
Did Jim Carrey kill a family member of yours or something?
Gonna have to change this sig later. Dirk will be back though.
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