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Child Protective Services are disgusting

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User Info: 1you4becky2stan

4 years ago#31
KenZoe posted...
The point of ignoring GreenTreeClub seems lost when you people keep quoting him.

You can tell when someone quotes him. Just skip those posts.
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User Info: Heineken14

4 years ago#32
50inchDLP posted...
No im saying their job is idiotic and should not even exist. its just another soft government job that could afford to be scaled back 80% but nope we just keep throwing money at it. CPS makes it almost impossible to control children in this age. thats why they are all little disrespectful brats and i dread the day when this new generation is handed the keys to the country. we allow people to be children until their 40s these days for God sake. I been working since i was 15, full time right out of HS. now these kids are in school till they are their damn 40s, may be anecdotal but i have atleast 10 people i know in just my wife and my families that play this game of peter pan never growing up,

It's humorous you are crying about wasting money when you are a derpy proponent of Monster cables. lolol
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User Info: itchytasty96

4 years ago#33
Child Protection is slanted WAY too heavily in favor of the mother. She can be a crack smoking, unemployed STD-ridden unbathed trainwreck and she will still get custody...even if the father is clearly the most suited to raise the child. Damn I'm glad I don't have kids so that possibility never comes up for me.
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User Info: iceache

4 years ago#34
From: 50inchDLP | #021
No im saying their job is idiotic and should not even exist. ,

Your job is stupid and should not exist.

User Info: TheRealJiraiya

4 years ago#35
Ive ended up working with CPS in various ways in my life during various jobs where I worked with kids, and I have a lot of problems with how they do business, but I cant say that their willingness to respond to reports of child abuse is one of them. The reason you went through this is because of the person who reported you, not CPS.
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User Info: AcidRedux

4 years ago#36
50inchDLP posted...
because the kid would suffer so much if the guy smoked some weed ?

If they were transporting a child while under the influence of cannabis, yes, that would be dangerously negligent behavior worth investigating.

User Info: Master Cilander

Master Cilander
4 years ago#37
The CPS is a perfect illustration of why government power sucks.

It has a good reason for existing, because there are real problems. And then it starts overreaching and f***ing with people and ruining lives as much as it helps. It kind of breaks even. May as well not exist.
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User Info: TBW4Ever

4 years ago#38
Calling in for bloodshot eyes is ridiculous but CPS needs more power to take children away because believe it or not it's ****ing hard to actually get children out of abusive scenarios. The notion that parents have some sort of 'right' to their children always struck me as rather odd.

User Info: Phoro

4 years ago#39
Like TRJ said, it's the douchebag at the school who called CPS you should be pissed at.

You're killin' me, Smalls.

User Info: Silinel

4 years ago#40
- Concerned/nosy/overeager citizen reports a man.
- Man takes a urine test.
- Man passes test.
- Legalize weed, cocaine, ecstasy, etc.

Maybe it's best you don't have kids.
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