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EA responds to 'Worst Company in America' poll

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User Info: UnrivaledKoopa

4 years ago#21
Anyone who votes for EA over Bank of America in the finals is a fool, but EA is a lock to make the finals now.

User Info: Xeno14

4 years ago#22
wally posted...
I won't buy any EA game until they allow offline SimCity play. I don't expect my personal boycott to do anything to change their mind, but I don't see any reason to give them any of my money. Ditto for Blizzard with Diablo III.

Well, I'd buy them used if the opportunity arose since they wouldn't make any money then.

blizzard is removing the always on part in the console versions. They really just wanted a money stream from the real money auction house. didn't work out so out it goes.

using there "progressive" stance to try and deflect criticism is pretty disgusting but par for the course.

User Info: CountPopeula

4 years ago#23
King Pazuzu posted...
The poll only shows on how some idiots are. I mean there are oil companies that caused environmental disasters, and banks that cause economic collapse. All EA did was some bad games. IMO it's not even the worst gaming company, let alone worst company.

It's because the things EA does have a direct and noticeable effect on consumers. People don't generally tie huge oil spills to the petrol they put in their cars.
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User Info: sfcalimari

4 years ago#24
I think Mass Effect 2 was the last EA game I bought, and from playing it it was pretty clear that they were destroying Bioware's classiness and going down the social media-obsessed route of creating boring cookie-cutter shovelware. Since then they've just gone down the Ubisoft route of slowly ruining their good franchises and not creating any good new ones, while ****ing up the industry by repeatedly buying out new developers and either ruining them or shutting them down completely just to prop up their near-monopoly status. I don't want to deal with Origin either, Steam is enough for me and Valve is a likeable company, while EA is extremely unlikeable.

EA used to make some legitimately good games but they've just become a joke company in the last few years or so. Ubisoft has had a really similar downturn, it's like a corporate Twitter account that became a giant gaming industry behemoth, but at least they still occasionally (but very rarely) put out decent games like AC2 or FC3. (and even though I enjoyed those games, they still had way too much of an annoying social media-style interface, and stupid B-movie plots)
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User Info: Nitro378

4 years ago#25
This week, we're seeing posts on conservative web sites urging people to protest our LGBT policy by voting EA the Worst Company in America." Moore goes on, "That last one is particularly telling. If that's what makes us the worst company, bring it on. Because we're not caving on that."

>mfw EA pretends it was pro-LGBT all along
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User Info: B4TT3RY

4 years ago#26
I really hope EA as a company crashes, but that would force hard working employees out of the job. Fortunately, in America today, it's almost impossible for a big monopolizing company like EA to go under, so this will never happen.

It's unfortunate I have to miss out on Battlefield 4. Then again, it will probably be terrible, so, maybe I'm not missing out.
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User Info: EvilNcr

4 years ago#27
From: GBALoser | #020
EA's a bad company, to be sure. Worst in America? Not even close.

This. It's just a bunch of people being too emotional about their games. In terms of gaming, Activision and Ubisoft are worse as far as I'm concerned. But the other companies in there are seriously bad for the entire country. Gaming is a hobby, not a necessity. Getting robbed over internet access, cellphones or bank loans is in a much scummier league of its own.
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User Info: Goldice

4 years ago#28
Yeah EA is definitely better than Activision. And their harm is self contained in the gaming universe. If you don't buy EA, they can't really f you over. Unlike banks or oil companies, who can f you over even though you don't do business with them.
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User Info: Xeno14

4 years ago#29
EA is far worse then activision is. activision mainly ran their own ips into the ground like guitar hero or tony hawk. EA has activitly bought out smaller developer studios, and then watched as the quality of their games has imploded . EA also likes to shut down servers for games after 2 years, last i checked activision still has the servers for the old COD's up, but try playing a sports game from 2011 or before online. If you've been a football fan and wanted to play a video game, ea's been the only game in town thanks to exclusive rights.

also regarding the poll
In response to Moore’s statement, we’d like to take a moment to explain that our “Worst Company in America” contest exists within the context of this website, which is about consumers and their relationship to the marketplace and to businesses. Just to be clear: The point of this contest, now in its 8th year, is to enable consumers to send a message to a company that provides goods or services to them. Winning this contest means your customers are trying to tell you something. And that something is that you, out of all the companies, most deserve a plastic poop trophy.

User Info: EvilNcr

4 years ago#30
You're talking about the EA from the 90's. EA is still a bad company but it's nothing like the company it used to be back then. Activision is more similar to the old EA. Look at what happened to Blizzard. This is exactly the sort of despicable BS EA was known for 20+ years ago.
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