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Disgusting racial profiling after the attack.

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User Info: Judgbolt

4 years ago#31
It is unfortunate but it seems fair. If there was any "disgusting racial profiling" going on, it was the civilian who tackled the guy and brought him in. Curses to him if it wasn't just an honest mistake.

Can't blame the police on this one though. Obviously, they can't just investigate anyone some random person brings over, but in a serious situation such as this, how could you risk potentially letting the culprit go?
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User Info: gphjr14

4 years ago#32
Pretty ****ing sad, you folks condoning racial profiling.
Curious how many of you are minorities.
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User Info: superbot400

4 years ago#33

So, you're saying the police should let a suspect flee? The man was obviously acting suspicious to the Police. Why would they lie? If they say he was acting suspicious that means he was. Are you able to read the minds of the BPD? No?

Why are you guys playing spin doctor? They think Islamic person like him was a terrorist, and they assumed that he was a threat.


All I'm saying don't pretend they were not racial profiling him. . You can justify their actions, but it still racial profiling. If Gun or bomb disasters happen, people assume that Muslims did it. That's why they thought he was suspicious., my huge ass respect thread. You won't see it.

User Info: god_of_toast

4 years ago#34
Why werent they tackling all the white bald skinheads running from the blast? Did they forget that the Oklahoma bomber? He killed way more than 2 people with a bomb. Why arent we basing our profiling on that guy? Oh yeah its because white people cant be bombers; its only dirty brown people who'd do that.

User Info: mooninomics

4 years ago#35
The blame rests with the person who tackled him, not the police. The police likely would've taken in and searched and investigated anyone brought to them in the same manner, regardless of race. At least I certainly hope they would have; you can't be too careful in a disaster situation like this.

The police reaction sounds perfectly reasonable, and I sincerely hope they would check anyone brought to them in the same way. However, the reason this man was brought to the police in the first place was probably racial profiling, which is very unfortunate and disheartening.

So as far as I'm concerned, shame on the civilian who apprehended this guy due to his race, good work to the police for investigating the guy and letting him go when he was found to be innocent.
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User Info: untrustful

4 years ago#36
mooninomics posted...
The blame rests with the person who tackled him

This, the guy instigated suspicion. But if the police did all that stuff without a permit (I know it's legal to search without a permit because of the patriot act which might have come into play), then it's a pretty scummy thing to do. I'm of the "Let 100 guilty men free over 1 innocent man imprisoned" principle.
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User Info: sfcalimari

4 years ago#37
lol @ the neocon gimmick account pretending to care about Muslims.
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User Info: Nerevar

4 years ago#38
From: bfslick50 | #028
Profiling implies that your ignoring a whole group of suspects because they don't fit your profile.

No, it doesn't. At all.

The police should stop profiling because everyone has the capacity to be evil.

Sorry, I don't want the police to be less efficient at their jobs because some people don't even know how profiling works and think it's racist.
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