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Racism is getting worse in Australia

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User Info: OldFrenchDragon

4 years ago#11
Korean visitor taken for Japanese and abused over WWII bombing of Darwin


I'm a bit too late for the punchline but anyway :

Oppan Bogan Style !
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User Info: god_of_toast

4 years ago#12
paulo_yamato posted...
god_of_toast posted...
ZodiaMaster posted...

Wow, I had always thought Australia was a relatively good place, like Canada.

Lol Australia is way better than Canada.

Canada has nowhere the racism that America, Australia or parts of Europe have.

Another reason that Stephen Harper is superior to Obama.

Shows you how terrible Canada is. Australia is still superior to Canada despite all the racism we are bogged down with. By 2050 when racism has died down a bit with the baby boomers carcking it Australia will be decades ahead of McAmerica Junior.

User Info: Orca

4 years ago#13
CdrRogue posted...
That would be like saying that every UK "Chavs" = every British citizens

Or that every American bigots = Every Americans citizens .

Or that every French Beaufs/Racailles = Every French citizens .

I think this is mostly true but one place Australia truly has its racism worse than most countries is conservative talk back radio, which is the most popular radio in Australia.
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User Info: wolf_blitzer85

4 years ago#14
There is racism everywhere, tc. What ethnic minority are you? Are you in AUS? Would you rather move to the USA?
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the final bahamut 4 years ago#15
god_of_toast posted...
From: the final bahamut | #003
god_of_toast posted...
In other news water is wet. You'd have to be real clueless to not have figured out that Australia has huge race issues.

This. Australia would be one of my favourite countries if it weren't for the rampant xenophobia and general podunkiness.

Im brown and I love Australia - well its metropolitan cities anyway. We've got 4 of the top 10 liveable cities in the world and when you live in say Melbourne, racism seems so far away. Its still going to take a while for that to percolate through to the suburbs and rural Australia but the racists, homophobes and bigots in general are getting pushed further and further into the fringe.

Lived in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane for a while, saw so much racism. Went into the outback, saw much more racism and homophobia.

The fact that your outbacks are 1950s timecapsules doesn't really excuse your cities.

My country isn't much better, mind. It's pretty f***ing racist. Actually saw a medical textbook edited in 2003 that used the milder n-word today. Real proud moment -_-

But Aussieland is still worse.
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