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Thanks, Rick Perry.

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User Info: battourye

4 years ago#21
Oh wait, no, no now I remember.

We learned about STDs and girls had to watch a horrible childbirth video.
Fools think there are good and bad guys in intl. relations.-Terran
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User Info: TakFujiWara88

4 years ago#22
My sex ed consisted of properly teaching us about the human reproductive systems and showing us how to use condoms (female and male) along with comparisons between various forms of birth control. While abstinence was still held up as the best way to avoid unwanted pregnancy and disease they never neglected to teach us safe sex for when we were sexually active.

Abstinence only sex ed doesn't make sense. When teens or adults do eventually become sexually active they will be left in the dark. Even if they aren't teens an unwanted pregnancy during young adulthood is just as undesirable.
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