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Americans Oppose Obamacare, Social Security for Illegal Immigrants Made Legal

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User Info: SaveTheWhalers

4 years ago#1

According to the latest United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connection Poll, more than two-thirds of all Americans and nine out of every 10 Republicans oppose making legalized immigrants "eligible for government benefits ... before they become citizens," confirming the issue's potency as one of the main political attacks against immigration reform supporters in 2014.

NumbersUSA’s February ad against Graham may have been an early shot, but given how strongly the message tests, it seems sure to crop up again -- assuming attention remains focused on the issue.

Overall, 77 percent of respondents opposed making government benefits available to legalized (but noncitizen) immigrants.

In findings that are sure to feed a core conservative fear about the issue, the idea was broadly unpopular across party, race, and class lines:

Ninety percent of Republicans opposed it, as did 80 percent of independents and 65 percent of Democrats, suggesting the message could appear in general-election advertising as well as in GOP primaries.

Nearly two-thirds of nonwhites stood against the idea, as well as 84 percent of whites.
While college-educated women were the group of whites that most supported extending benefits, 71 percent of them still opposed it.

When asked specifically if legalized immigrants “should be eligible for health care assistance under the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, before they become citizens,” the margins narrowed thanks to heightened Democratic, nonwhite, and college-educated support -- but respondents still remained hostile to the idea:..

User Info: Red XlV

Red XlV
4 years ago#2
So, some poll that nobody's ever heard of before says what you want to believe, thus it's true.
A bad enough dude to save the President.
"We chose more government instead of more freedom." - Marco Rubio (R-Florida)

User Info: Remember_86

4 years ago#3
Remember '86,0,1601672.story

User Info: mystic belmont

mystic belmont
4 years ago#4
So they would rather increase the cost of healthcare by having the immigrants use the ER as a primary care physician.
"Freedom was meaningless without ownership and control over one's own body" -Henry McNeal Turner
[Evil Republican]

User Info: orestes1981

4 years ago#5
These people are racist. No one said they were intelligent...
Cappin' thine enemy isn't something Jesus would do, it's what Suge Knight would do.
-Bill Maher

User Info: WingMirror

4 years ago#6
So is the TC warned for the amnesty picture in his signature?
this space for rent

User Info: NoAmnesty

4 years ago#7
Nope, literally for suggesting poor Asian kids may have a hard life too:

User Info: Remember_86

4 years ago#8
Remember '86,0,1601672.story
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