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Charges may be filed against Obama

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User Info: Heineken14

4 years ago#21
BvWJpEq5y posted...
mystic belmont posted...
Okay, so we let the ACA go into affect on time, and Biden becomes president. That makes Boehner VP, right? Great, Biden will send him around the world.

Boehner hasn't had control of the House republicans for a while now. So send him wherever you want. You liberals still aren't going to get your communist bills through the House.

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User Info: FighterMcWar

4 years ago#22
RRtexasranger13 posted...
He raises a good point (although it is odd how he is doing this when ACA is getting delayed.) Does the executive branch really have the power to delay provisions like that? The law was passed one way, Obama signed it one way, yet, it is being enforced a different way.

Sure, it's only delaying a provision for a year now, big deal, but what if say a GOP president came in and simply told the bureaucracy to not enforce that entire provision, ever, in order to provide "relief" to companies.

Yeah, the executive can although it can be forced by congress to uphold the provision.
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User Info: lasthero

4 years ago#23
atmasabr posted...
I wouldn't mind Joe Biden as President, with or without John Boehner as Vice President.

Look, I'm all for exploring whether the Obama administration is breaking any laws and holding them accountable for its shady practices, but this is just silly. Well, the Democratic party is sillier by a mile. We have congresspeople who allege that Treyvon Martin was killed for walking while black in a gated community.

And we also have congresspeople who think global warming can't be real simply because a book made during a time when the plow was cutting edge technology says so, that vaccines cause mental retardation, and that one of the most established scientific theories is just a 'lie straight from the pit of hell'. Guess which side of the aisle people like that fall on?
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User Info: Kwancahi

4 years ago#24
A more accurate title:

"GOP senator publicly muses on impossible idea of impeachment so that the conservatives in his state who don't understand politics will like him more."

Though, honestly, I'm not sure which option I like less: That this guy is wasting time to pander to stupid people, or that this guy is himself one of those stupid people.
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