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Your ideology in one or two words.

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User Info: General_Juma

4 years ago#11
Somewhere between socialist and social democrat
You forgot "Daenerys going to Westeros? Yeah, that's 100% going to happen." Brett8

User Info: DJStrong

4 years ago#12
Optimistic contrarian
"On the contrary my friend, we're going to live!"

User Info: YermomHoudini

4 years ago#13
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Master Ninja - Level 1 Dragon Sword run, no UT/ninpo/item, open chest

User Info: SarahFailin

4 years ago#14
YermomHoudini posted...

Me too. This is my first day off in 2.5 weeks and I'm half-drunk at 4 PM :P

User Info: WhiskeyDisc

4 years ago#15
other: fiscal conservative, social libertarian.

User Info: charey

4 years ago#16
I don't know where this fits but I guess "Libertarian Socialist" is what I would say.

My ideal is absolute freedom until it hurts someone else, but with the government able and willing to take care of people who fall on hard times.

A few point of mine to explain.

For Drugs I say any drug that is unlikely to cause harm to others or permanent harm to the user is fine. So MJ is fine, I haven't done any research on the effect of other types of drugs so my opinion is weaker but besides addiction risk which tobacco and alcohol have and health problems I don't see the problem with cocaine if the person using it knows what they are getting into.
The two I know I want to stay banned are Meth and LSD, Meth because it causes the user to become extremely violent and will cause otherwise normal people to attack others to get their fix. LSD because it never leaves the users system, it can trigger flashback and cause hallucinations at any point in the future, there is no safe use of LSD.

I think healthcare should be run entirely by the government, no insurance companies just a single payer system.

I think the internet should be more free then it is, the corporations have too much power with the way the DMCA is written and fair use is not protected well, also the NSA needs to get a real warrant from a real court to spy on someone and the warrants need to say exactly who can be spied on and why they are being spied on.

Our military is too big, I don't want to go to a purely defensive military but we don't need to overspend every other country combined to make us safe.

Welfare, Food stamps and SS need to continue and expanded if they don't fit the needs of the poor.

Gay marriage is fine.
Polygamy is mostly used to suppress women so I say no to that, If it could be done in a way that was equal to both sides and shown to not be harmful then I might reconsider.
I won't have it! I'm not having anyone talk about me in
the past tense! ~Squall Leonhart

User Info: JIC X

4 years ago#17
"Do what works and call it whatever's popular at that time."
And that is why the age of magic is at an end. {WoT}, Emeritus

User Info: Mr_Red_Herring

4 years ago#18

That was the one truth about justice that we had in common. It is unbearable to see you standing there as the man you have become battosai.

User Info: j mcdermid

j mcdermid
4 years ago#19
Other: Nazi Pacifist

If you don't support non-violent solutions to conflicts, you get thrown into a gas chamber.

User Info: RufusNKenRSTier

4 years ago#20
This is biased, both because of the "one or two words" limitation and the limited options.

Where is the "true libertarian" option, aka "**** you, I got mine!"?!
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