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Do you support raising the federal minimum wage to $15.00 (aka, a living wage)?

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  3. Do you support raising the federal minimum wage to $15.00 (aka, a living wage)?

User Info: zachflash

4 years ago#1
See topic title. - Results (323 votes)
45.2% (146 votes)
54.8% (177 votes)
This poll is now closed.
This question comes after the nationwide fast food strikes. Many people say the money these workers make is not enough to live on. They want their wage per hour to be raised to $15, which would be double what the federal minimum wage is now.
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User Info: deConteville

4 years ago#2
A Feudal Reactionary and Rinbro

User Info: kidpokerfan

4 years ago#3
No, minimum wage should be higher, but not that high.

User Info: Skurv7

4 years ago#4
No, they'll see to it to tax everything to hell.

User Info: SSj4Wingzero

4 years ago#5
It should be higher, but that's too high.
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User Info: TakFujiWara88

4 years ago#6
No. A minimum wage job isn't meant to stain a family of 4. While I do think the wages should be slightly higher, there is no justification for minimum wage to be that high. At most it should be bumped up to about $10. If a job working at McDonald's won't cut it there are many other jobs out there that pay better available to those with very few qualifications.

User Info: Dagorha

4 years ago#7
yes in time but not all at once. Probably over the course of the next 5 - 7 years
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User Info: sfcalimari

4 years ago#8
Pretty much every salary and benefit aspect of working in the US needs to be reworked badly. Raising the minimum wage doesn't really address that enough. I'd rather see it raised to $12 while health care and a pension for everyone are guaranteed than just seeing it raised to $15. Doing that wouldn't really address the simple fact that the CEO class is robbing its workers blind to pay for its yachts and ****jobs.
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User Info: FighterMcWar

4 years ago#9
Yes and no. Wages do need to go up. Part of the underlying issue is the value of labor. The majority of minimum wage jobs are in the service sector and there is absolutely no value in that line of work. If there is no value, there is no reason to pay a liveable wage because the jobs and employees are a dime a dozen. We need a societal shift to finding these types of jobs to have societal merit and value.
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User Info: Sav3Th3Whal3rs

4 years ago#10
No, and I support decreasing the federal minimum wage to $5.00 per hour.
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  3. Do you support raising the federal minimum wage to $15.00 (aka, a living wage)?

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