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New Video Game Kicks Off Debate Over Racist Title

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User Info: battourye

4 years ago#1

Granted its Australian, so they've been encountering this a lot lately
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User Info: TheLichLord

4 years ago#2
Orient is racist now?
Basically it boils down to my lack of faith in humanity. You assume he's a troll. I assume he's an idiot.

User Info: 1337toothbrush

4 years ago#3
TheLichLord posted...
Orient is racist now?

Yeah, I learned that about five years ago, but don't understand why to this day. Probably because it was used "back then" and since some people just want to whitewash everything to do with that era, they considering it a dirty word.

User Info: mystic belmont

mystic belmont
4 years ago#4
TheLichLord posted...
Orient is racist now?

Yes, look up Orientalism.
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User Info: Nitro378

4 years ago#5
Mr Lo – who describes himself as a gamer, and admits to having enjoyed LA Noire – has called for Team Bondi to ''retract the title and stop development of the game''

anyone trying to stop LA Noire getting a sequel (sorta) is clearly not a gamer

But seriously, the title criticism 'maybe' I can accept but the bleating about the game bringing up unfortunate history is just silly, I mean if he played LA Noire he should know it wasn't exactly a glowing portrayal of post-war LA, does every game have to complimentary about the period/place it's set?
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User Info: PhoenixWroggi

4 years ago#6
I don't understand how some people can be so obtuse to not understand why the word "orient" is offensive to some people. It's a term that for centuries has basically meant "that there completely different place full of excitement and adventure and lower peoples to subdue"
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User Info: PhoenixWroggi

4 years ago#7
That said, the use of the word in the context of a title is not in any way offensive. It does become offensive when coupled with the word "whore". It doesn't matter that this is a historical term. It's really disrespectful and grossly questionable.
"Lupus! Is it lupus?" -George Costanza
"It's never lupus." -Dr. Gregory House

User Info: kmick2

4 years ago#8
I've seen Chinese-owned restaurants with the word "Orient" in the name.

Given a chance, people will scrape the bowels of correlative culture to extract offense.

Dozens of movies titles, books, blah, blah, blah, etc., etc., also.
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the final bahamut 4 years ago#9
I'm a little conflicted. On one hand, 'Orient' is a bad word, on the other hand 'whore of the Orient' is a term for Shanghai that's not only periode specific but extremely intertwined with the sort of genre they're trying to evoke. I mean, I'd feel weird if I was playing a game about chattel slavery in the US and everyone went around saying "African American".
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User Info: YouAreCrumbs

4 years ago#10
''The O-word is very similar to the N-word for African-American communities. It's a 19th century racial-colonial conception and it's especially painful for older people in the communities. That was a very bad time in China, and people don't want or need to have that dragged up.''

Actually, seems to make a lot of sense. Not like they thought of themselves as living in "The Orient" or being "Orientals."
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