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John McCain Plays Poker While Colleagues Discuss Bombing Syria

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User Info: NoName999

4 years ago#1
Congress held its first public hearing about U.S. plans for military intervention in Syria on Tuesday.

At some point during the conversation, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) -- who has been skeptical about President Barack Obama's proposal for "limited" action in Syria -- was taking a break to play poker on his phone

McCain has long advocated for military action in Syria, but said earlier on Tuesday that Obama's proposal "might be doomed in the long run." McCain said he will support Obama's request to intervene in Syria if the move would "reverse the situation on the battlefield."

Remember guyz, he was a Presidential nominee. Also remember, we have more smucks like him who run the country.
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User Info: Nitro378

4 years ago#2
Zombie Clement Attlee 2015 --- (Zombie) FDR/Sanders 2016
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User Info: RRtexasranger13

4 years ago#3
In his defense, some of those Senators were asking some stupid, already answered questions... >_>
Politics is weird. And Creepy. And now I know lacks even the loosest attachment to anything like reality. - Shepard Smith
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User Info: oarphishmoe

4 years ago#4
I'm not sure what the big deal is.

McCain knows more about what's going on during this process than anyone here does. He's seen similar actions being discussed plenty of times. If I was him and heard it all before, I'd probably get a little bored too.

When I have my 6+ hour meetings at work I find myself playing Euchre on my iPhone about 4 hours in because at that point l know what the hell I'm doing and they are basically just repeating themselves.
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User Info: LuigisBro

4 years ago#5
that's all this stuff is to these people, a game
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User Info: Xeno14

4 years ago#6
because mccains position isn't already well known?

User Info: Mr Sandbag

Mr Sandbag
4 years ago#7
Huffpo? Didn't real LOL
got sand?

User Info: YouAreCrumbs

4 years ago#8
better have been hold 'em
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User Info: ramza_scythe

4 years ago#9
video segment on it
"if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything" ~ Wise man
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User Info: mizukage2

4 years ago#10
I find myself unable to blame him for once, that **** must get tedious.
I mean, i never see the right bash the left on anything because the blame game causes more issues than anything-Josh
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