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Obama wins, Syria signs the CWC

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User Info: chaos knight

chaos knight
4 years ago#11
Yeah, I would support cutting off all aid from the rebels under our part of the deal. Won't happen though, even the rebels are saying this is unacceptable as a whole.
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User Info: LightSnake

4 years ago#12
chaos knight posted...
More like Putin wins.

It's really a double victory. Obama and Putin had apparently discussed this previously, so it's not like Putin came out to save the day.

The important things are we've found a potential diplomatic solution that deals with the chemical weapons issue.
"An Emperor should die on his feet." -Titus Flavius Vespasianus.

User Info: Phoro

4 years ago#13
There's an easy answer for all of this: we sell our weapons to the regime AND the rebels (if we aren't already). The trifecta.

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User Info: atmasabr

4 years ago#14
Someone explain to LuigisBro that Syria did not sign it yet.
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