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GOP's current actions were the result of a deliberate strategy formed in January

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User Info: KD003

3 years ago#11
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User Info: Heineken14

3 years ago#12
I have no name posted...
The history is important because much of the news coverage and centrist commentary has leaned heavily on the idea that the crises in Washington have come about because of some nebulous failure of bipartisanship. The Washington Post editorial page implores both sides to compromise, without explaining why only one party should have to offer policy concessions to keep the government running. Mark Halperin neatly implies that the two sides share the blame in equal measure

That's what disgusts me about this whole thing. Where is that liberal media conservatives are always whining about? Because all I see is the cult of Same Thing Both Sides continuing their mindless chanting about how this is the Democrat's fault to. Boehner could threaten to burn down congress unless Obama willingly submits to the guillotine and the media, and this board, would still be full of moderates bleating that the fire is also the Democrat's faulty for not negotiating.

Meanwhile the right-wingers have no such problems. They're marching in lockstep repeating the exact same talking points from the highest official of the GOP down to the lowly footsoldiers on this board. They don't care if it's true or not, these are the same people who wore a straight face as they defended slashing voting hours and doing everything possible to stop Democrats from exercising their right to vote with the utterly bull**** excuse of 'voter fraud', they just keep repeating it until average joe dumbass assumes it's true. The GOP can do literally anything they want because the supposedly liberal media is too chicken**** to call them out on it while their propaganda wing at FOX News repeats their talking points, true or not, all day every day.

We should have an actual liberal media to counter FOX, but instead all we have is a network that puts people like S.E Cupp on. The left-wingers are too disorganized and whiny to put out a coherent message while the right-wingers are shouting in perfect harmony. The great mass of moron moderates between them are never gonna abandon their religious belief that both sides share blame as long as this stays the same, which I fear it will forever.

End Rant.

Can't really say anything better than this. I hate the fact that I know people who bleat these bulls*** talking points too..

And don't know if Fails posted before or after this, but it was nice of him to prove the point that people are ignorant and will parrot anything Fox News tells them to.
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User Info: dirtyarmenian

3 years ago#13
There was never any doubt that Republicans wanted a shutdown. Why else were they so happy and saying so to the media when the shutdown first happened?
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User Info: hunter_gohan

3 years ago#14
NoName999 posted...
Just as Republicans responded to their 2008 defeat by moving farther right, they responded to the 2012 defeat by moving right yet again.

Jeez, is there any more space to even move right to?

Since they had begun from a position of total opposition to the entire Obama agenda, the newer rightward lurch took the form of trying to wrest concessions from Obama by provoking a series of crises.

This seriously should be treason.
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User Info: peach freak

peach freak
3 years ago#15
Remember how we found out about the private meeting that many Republicans had at Obama's first inauguration? Where they concluded that they were going to oppose the president at every turn, that if he was for something, they had to be against it, that they would show unyielding opposition to everything the president does?

Think we're going to get a book on how Republicans decided they were going to confront Obama in his second term?
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