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Raise taxes on everyone 2-3% to cover Entitlements. Freeze the Defense budget.

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  3. Raise taxes on everyone 2-3% to cover Entitlements. Freeze the Defense budget.

User Info: letsduthisnow02

3 years ago#1
I would rather see the Defense budget cut but if we could just agree to give Defense its current amount (20 country's worth) then I'd call it a compromise.

Medicare and Social Security are going to be more and more costly until the baby boomers die. Let's make it so we can afford it.

Does this not seem like the most bipartisan offer?
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3 years ago#2
I don't think birth rates fell after the baby boomers
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User Info: GeneralFrings

3 years ago#3
Republicans would not see it as a compromise. The defense budget has been so overinflated for so long that they see its current levels as granted and necessary. "Granting" them something they expect regardless won't go over well.
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User Info: EvilTrash

3 years ago#4
The fact that we (the US) spend more per capita on our military than Israel really pisses me off. That's a country that has essentially never not been at war in their own homeland, and has mandatory conscription. Why should a country like ours, that hasn't had a war on its homeland in over a century and hasn't had mandatory conscription in 40 years, be spending more per citizen than a country like Israel? It's insanity.

Maybe if we didn't spend over $2000 per citizen on the military budget, we'd be able to offer some nice social benefits for our hard-earned taxed dollars, like Canada, which spends 1/4th per capita on their military as we do.

Personally I'd rather if I was going to be taxed highly to have it go towards something like single payer health care than to go towards a bloated and unnecessary military.

User Info: DJStrong

3 years ago#5
Raise taxes on everyone 2-3%

Go for it. If you make 30,000 that is an extra $600/year, or only $50/month which is not so bad. I am always amazed that people are not aware they can voluntarily give more....unless by everyone you meant...not everyone?
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User Info: TreGooda

3 years ago#6
2-3% more taxes is a lot of money. The middle class is pinched enough already. Taxes need to go down for these folks.

It seems people only think about federal income taxes but forget of the 100 other ways we are already taxed.

How about, instead of continuing to increase entitlements we use that money to give 0% interest student loans, give a bonus for people that stay continually employed for 5+ years, subsidize property taxes for those willing to invest in our nation, stop taxing employers before you receive your check.

I think it's time we stop worrying about all of those that make poor decisions, are disabled, can't contribute and start focusing on everybody else as well. We throw trillions at these problems every year already, we have tons of services and there are plenty of services for these people already. I think it's time to start investing in the productive American citizen, our infrastructure and our communities as a whole.

edit: We should also cut the defense budget and end our empire.
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User Info: supergamerbret

3 years ago#7
I'd go for this plan. I don't mind paying extra for people get health care & food.
Although slashing the defense budget needs to happen,
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User Info: moviefreak2004

3 years ago#8
Medicare and Social Security will not be less costly after the Baby Boomers die off. The two-pronged attack of 1) the decreasing global demand for workers with low intelligence and 2) the relatively high reproductive rates of people with low intelligence will continue to increase dependence on the welfare state until its inevitable collapse. That's before we even consider the fact that Baby Boomers contribute a huge base of the total number of doctors within the US and that we are not replenishing the field with new ones. Lower supply = higher costs.
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User Info: LuigisBro

3 years ago#9
no thanks, I don't want to fund entitlements for baby boomers
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User Info: SeamusOHassey

3 years ago#10
I don't want to fund an overly expensive unconstitutional healthcare plan or support part of the cause that's bleeding money from the U.S. budget.
Just saying.
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  3. Raise taxes on everyone 2-3% to cover Entitlements. Freeze the Defense budget.

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