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Kentucky has lost over 60,000 jobs become of Obama

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User Info: Caer_Death

4 years ago#21
JIC X posted...


In 2008, lung cancer replaced liver cancer as the number one cause of death among people with malignant tumors in China. The registered lung cancer mortality rate increased by 464.84% in the past 3 decades, which imposes an enormous burden on patients, health-care professionals, and society.
Dirty air is associated with not only a number of cancers, but also heart disease, stroke, and respiratory disease, which together account for over 80 percent of deaths countrywide. According to the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, the burning of coal is responsible for 70 percent of the emissions of soot that clouds out the sun in so much of China; 85 percent of sulfur dioxide, which causes acid rain and smog; and 67 percent of nitrogen oxide, a precursor to harmful ground level ozone. Coal burning is also a major emitter of carcinogens and mercury, a potent neurotoxin. Coal ash, which contains radioactive material and heavy metals, including chromium, arsenic, lead, cadmium, and mercury, is China’s number one source of solid industrial waste. The toxic ash that is not otherwise used in infrastructure or manufacturing is stored in impoundments, where it can be caught by air currents or leach contaminants into the groundwater.

KCGemini posted...
TaiIs82 posted...
How many jobs must be lost, how many families must suffer as a result of environmental superstition?

What is wrong with you?
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User Info: Theshamen

4 years ago#22
Where was wolf blitzer when all the lanternmen lost their jobs when that dastardly taft oversaw the implementation of electric streetlights?
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User Info: paulo_yamato

4 years ago#23
March 2012:
In its proposed rulemaking on emissions from coal-fired power plants, the Environmental Protection Agency has fulfilled President Obama’s campaign statement that his administration would “essentially bankrupt” anyone who had the audacity to hope to build a new generation facility. By essentially prohibiting the production of new plants, the administration is again picking winners and losers in our energy economy, something which is best done by the market.
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User Info: wolf_blitzer85

4 years ago#24
What a trainwreck of a thread.
*hangs head in shame
Obama must really be incompetent if hes unaware of all the scandals & executive agency decisions that always turn out in his favor. - Tails on 261

User Info: Rexdragon125

4 years ago#25
Can't use coal, can't use nuclear because of mass hysteria, so gotta go with solar and wind! Those only produce when the weather is right, but let's dive headfirst into it anyways even though we have no energy storage infrastructure!
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