The Unoffical Religion Board FAQ (Please Read before Posting)

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The Religion Board.

Mission Statement: To improve our knowledge of other people’s faith while critically analyzing the effects that religion has had on us, our culture, our history, and our world.

1. History and the unofficial boards
2. Vets and trolls
3. What you shouldn’t post
4. What you should post
5. How to avoid making people mad

1. History and the unofficial boards
The long and blood history of discussion of religion on GameFAQs stretches beyond the accounts of most present here. It has gone on almost since this site came into existence. When the site was still young, when people wanted to have a religious discussion, they would create a topic on a social board (most famously on a now Mythic board known as Life, the Universe, and Everything); however, these topics were subject to flames. So a bunch of Christians (of whom very few remain active) took over a dead board named Cotton and made it a place where they could meet. Like I said, the history is long and bloody, but the way things work now is that the major sects have these boards:
Atheist Board (Dark Empire)

Agnostic/Philosophy Board (Mystery)

Buddhist Board (Pool of Radiance)

Christian Debate Board (Cotton)

Christian Social Board (Soldier of Light)

Christian Board (The Upper Room)
Invitation only, for one, go to Soldier of Light.

Catholic Board (Tales of the Cat)

Latter Day Saints (Mormons) Board (After Armageddon)

Jewish Board (J-Thunder)

Muslim Board (Prince of Persia)

Second Muslim Board (Jinn-Genie)

2. Vets and trolls
There are lots of people on this board who have been debating religion since before the creation of the board. This does not make them elitist, even though they may act elitist from time to time; it just means that there is a long and nuanced history beyond the posters on this board.

Just because someone holds a different view then you doesn’t make them a troll. Just because someone has the same view as you doesn’t make them a vet.

And remember, calling people names is a good way to get your account banned.

3. What you shouldn’t post:
Things that you don’t have backing for. Really, doing a bit of research goes a long way towards getting people to take you seriously.
Don’t quote your religious text like it’s the only thing that matters (unless both parties believe that the religious text is correct and in the same way). Take into account whether the person believes in that text or not. If the other party/person doesn't believe in the Bible, for example, quoting the Bible will go nowhere in the argument.
Don’t ever quote sites that are blatantly wrong, for example, unless you’re parodying them (which, of course, should be kept to a minimal anyhow).