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why is logic and reason so hard to accept

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User Info: RRtexasranger13

6 years ago#131
Here's another example: "The Bush administration is responsible for the current economic troubles in the US." Now this seems like a verifiable fact; it is either true or false. But how are we to go about and prove it?

Economics is actually very hard subject to prove or disprove anything in. People still debate over what caused the Great Depression and that was 80 years ago.
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User Info: TheLesserFaithX

6 years ago#132
Don't worry guys, ignoring evidence is much easier than refuting it when it conflicts with beliefs you hold that have no evidence.
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User Info: YingYang123

6 years ago#133

From: inferiorweasel | #123
But the bible also mentioned thousands of years before we could prove the earth was round

The circumference of the earth was calculated in ancient Greece.
Where are the cartographers of human purpose?
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