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What are your beliefs and how did you get there?

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User Info: Diranosaur

6 years ago#1
Do you belong to a religion, is so, which? If not, what do you believe in?
What did you use to believe in? I would be very interested in hearing what you all have to say.

I myself am some kind of pantheist, though I do not believe in anything supernatural. I believe that the universal belonging to nature could very well be explained by science. To me, the "soul" of the world is the atoms or subatomic particles, and I just find the concept amazing. I do not believe in any afterlife except that the atoms in your body keep on existing. Like a spiritual atheist, as I don't believe in a god. I do not reject the concept of a god, but I find it improbable.

As I feel that all of nature is connected, I do not eat animals. I do however eat plants, for my own survival. Seeing as it's natural instinct to survive, I prefer to eat things that can't feel pain.

Other than that, I do a lot of meditation and contemplation. The concept of atoms, or the concept of the solar system is much more impressive to me than the concept of a potential god.

I used to be a Christian, but I never believed that the Bible was fully true, as I believed in a benevolent God, not someone who condones mass murder or hating of homosexuals. I then rejected the belief in a god that interacted with mankind and accepted God as the creator of the universe, evolution and natural law. After that, I rejected the concept of a God at all, since nature and the universe itself filled my need for a god.

(sorry if this is a bit unclear and rambling, it's 2 am and I'm quite tired)
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User Info: MasterGamer72

6 years ago#2
Don't worry, I do not feel like you rambled at all. You merely explained your background, and I must say I am similar to you in more than one way.

The whole concept of atoms, quarks, and the like amazes me as well. If you were to ever make a topic discussing physics I would gladly join in.

I like your concept of nature being connected. So are you a vegan? Or do you not prefer being labeled? I personally love meat too much to go as far as you, but definitely respect that you have the self discipline to pursue such a lifestyle.

The solar system and beyond interests me more than a potential god as well. My favorite thing about science is that it brings answers with mathematical reasoning and logic. Religion (especially Abrahamic) tend to replace logic with saying "because the bible said so" or "because God did it" which feels like a cop out to me. However, this is a discussion that does not belong in this topic.

I used to be christian as well. Catholic to be exact. My mother and most of my family are still very religious. I went to a catholic school from pre-school till 8th grade. I have seen, studied, and experienced more than my share of Catholicism, but in no way consider myself a catholic any longer. I am an agnostic atheist. By this I mean that I am leaning towards the idea that there is no god, but am not entirely sure that one does not exist, and I do not reject the idea of a god.

I don't ponder the afterlife very much, I tend to focus on what is here and now.
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User Info: OzymandiasIV

6 years ago#3
I was raised a Christian, non-denominational, stayed that way for a long time. Early on in high school, I started asking questions about my religion, because I wanted to get a better understanding of it. Some of the answers I found I felt were... somewhat disturbing. However, I found out that there were actually numerous answers (or interpretations) for my questions.

Long story short, over many years of exploring my religion, my beliefs, and going through high school, through one and a half years of college, meeting new people of different faiths/cultures/religions/backgrounds, and going through a very entertaining and informative class about philosophy and religion (the teacher himself was a Christian, but he didn't let his beliefs come into play during classroom discussion), and then through my military training... I became an atheist. It was a very long, very slow process. I didn't just jump one day from being a Christian to an atheist, and I struggled with even calling myself an atheist at first.

Now, I've accepted it, I'm comfortable with it, and... I find that I believe the possibility of god/s existing to be less and less each day. Now, I pretty much actively believe that no god exists, though I'll never entirely close out the possibility.
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User Info: OzymandiasIV

6 years ago#4
Oh, in late high school/early college, I also started learning a lot more about different sciences, like evolution, astronomy, etc. Those alone weren't enough to change my views, but they definitely played their part.
In order to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.
You musn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.

User Info: Dagorha

6 years ago#5
Started as a Christian. My mom was either an Atheist or a Wiccan or something depending on the season and my stepdad i have no clue. My dad was a Christian and so was my step mom, both Catholic.

Then threw apathy i was an atheist and eventually because of fear i converted back to Christianity and then through lack of belief i deconverted into Deism/Atheism depending on the relative mood i am in. For the most part I think i believe there is a god out there but i don't know if i actually think that or if it is just wishful thinking.

Frankly at this point i don't care because either way i know that i can't prove that god exists or if he wants to help then he should help and i'm grateful for it and if he wants thanks then he should talk to me about it. If he doesn't want to help then i'm cool with that too. If god exists though i highly doubt he wants to be known.
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User Info: piehead678

6 years ago#6
Well I was a Christan until about HS just because I was raised in that type of a family. Then in HS my friends started becoming atheist and I started agreeing with their ideas. Mainly though it was because of peer pressure. It was uncool to believe in a God, so I didn't. It wasn't even that I secretly believed in God, it just went away. Not because of science or anything. Just because my friends were atheists.

I graduated HS early last semester(But didn't walk until a week ago) and had a lot more time to think to myself about things. When the Japan earthquake hit, I went into a depression because I realized, one day I'm going to die. I knew I was before that day, but it never hit me like it did until that moment. That led me to do some research into death and religion.

Eventually I had some weird coincidences happen that really freaked me out and made me think It's possible that there is something more to the universe that we just don't know yet.

So after that month or two I became more open minded. I wasn't something just because my friends or family were, I was going to find what made sense to me. If that was being an atheist or having a religion, then so be it.

Right now I guess I would say i'm agnostic. I believe that there might be a God, but i'm just not sure, and if a God is real, I don't think he is held to any one religion we humans have.

User Info: KiIogram

6 years ago#7
Raised a Catholic. I guess I'd consider myself a Deist now. Why the switch?

Well, Christianity is based off of some ancient book. Does a god really expect me to believe an old book? Couldn't he at least pop up on this world to give us 100% solid evidence that he exists? Then there wouldn't be an atheist problem, and all of god's children would be saved.

That's the biggest problem I have with Christianity, there are other smaller ones, too.

User Info: Golden Maven

Golden Maven
6 years ago#8
I was raised a catholic, but I never believed it. As a young boy I did have a fascination with the theatricals of it all though, I enjoyed travelling and visiting churches.

Now I consider myself an ignostic/agnostic, that is to say that the word "God" points to a rather vague concept. Everyone will have their own idea, and debating it seems rather pointless. It's not like the word flower that points to something concrete we can all see and agree on its existence.

At the same time I'm not so militant against religion, because I think politics will always be the true evil behind it all. Religion is just used as a tool, and to go against it is missing the target.

I like the spirit behind religion, the contemplation and cleanliness of it all. That is to say, developing your conscience, cleaning up your act, men being submissive towards one another, loving freely, etc. As far as I know, that's what all major religion go for, only with a different style and theme.

I think today a lot of people are confused and have their values all screwed up. We're becoming increasingly selfish and cutting corners all the time. Before long we'll need another revolution in thinking and doing things because I think modern society is basically running off people's fears and that doesn't bear any good fruit.
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User Info: Kaj_Ketos

6 years ago#9
Atheist, always have been.
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User Info: Guide

6 years ago#10
ITT: Atheist power

Raised in a very catholic family, but I was born a SCIENTIST.
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