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Split brain patients with opposing beliefs - heard of this before?

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User Info: cyclonekruse

6 years ago#41
Dagorha posted...
Duh, there is only one person with one brain. Just because communication is down between sections doesn't mean that there is two people. The person in question though I can not say for sure what they are given what is shown here. You would need to ask the person as a whole to get the "right" answer. You don't make assumptions based on what half of the person says, you base it around what both sides say. He could be either an atheist or a theist, it all depends on what side of the brain has a more convincing argument in his own mind. This isn't any different from any of us because both sides still control how he acts and how he feels when presented with both information. The only time it ever makes a difference is when one side is presented with a stimulus the other side isn't and even then the body uses cross-cuing in order to relay some of the information over to the other side. All i am arguing is that there is only one person.

Okay, then my argument that the soul could still be there even with the evidence from split brain patients is not with you. Simple as that.

That doesn't make sense. I am fully aware of almost everything i do in my life from moment to moment but that doesn't mean i'm going to remember it all.

No you aren't. Well not consciously aware. Here's a simple example. Let's say you're holding on a conversation with someone at a party. You're focused on what they're saying and how you'll respond. But then you hear your name from somewhere else. This is only possible if your brain is still processing the sounds that you aren't paying attention to. Otherwise you wouldn't have noticed your name while conversing with another.

This is true but it was not my point. I was being simplistic.

I did say it was a nitpick.
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