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why don't you study philosophy?

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User Info: Adito99

6 years ago#1
By philosophy here I mean the sort of work you see from people like Bertrand Russel, WLC, Swinburne and so on. For me it seems obvious that if you want to know the answer to questions about gods that you must understand what kind of reasoning leads to correct conclusions. Since that's what philosophy is all about, clearly you must study philosophy.

I'm mainly posting this because I see a great deal of philosophical ignorance around here. For instance there have been several topics taking it for granted that free will and determinism are incompatible or that free will and an omniscient god are incompatible. As anyone who's taken even an introductory philosophy course knows, the story isn't that simple. In fact over half of philosophers think the former at least is not just possible, but how the world really works. It's frustrating to see hundreds of topics come and go here that would never have been created had their posters done a little homework.
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User Info: OrangeWizard

6 years ago#2
Because atheists already know everything. That's why they're not agnostics.
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User Info: NsM Comatosis

NsM Comatosis
6 years ago#3
You're talking about philosophy and discussions on gods as if there's hard evidence to rely on, when most of it is merely a matter of picking which assumptions you want to accept.

Theology as a whole is an exercise in futility. Anyone who claims expertise in this area is basically saying "I know more about the unknowable than you do."
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User Info: kirsybuu

6 years ago#4
As an atheist, I have taken courses in philosophy and would agree that it would make some debates here a lot better.
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User Info: avsfan33

6 years ago#5
If a person chooses to learn about free will vs determinism by creating a topic and having an active discussion about it, maybe that works better for them than reading works from decades/centuries ago that aren't always the most accessible
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User Info: FoxTheSwift

6 years ago#6
OrangeWizard posted...
Because atheists already know everything. That's why they're not agnostics.

I don't get this criticism that theists like to bring up. Atheists just know they don't believe in gods. Compared to all the crap you think you know for an absolute certainty Orange Wizard, even going down to the minutae of obscure theological points like what the best way to organize a church is, that's a pretty damn small thing. Christians often treat each other with far more arrogance than most atheists aside from the new kind can even muster.

User Info: Maverick3000

6 years ago#7
Because I can't think the same way philosophers do. And I don't mean that as a dig against them; Philosophy is freaking hard to understand sometimes and it baffles me why people mock philosophy majors. They are often the smartest people I met.
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User Info: TheGreatJiraiya

6 years ago#8
Ive taken philosophy classes and read books and I love it to pieces, but Im not interested in pursuing it as a career or anything.
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User Info: the_hedonist

6 years ago#9
I have read a very small amount of philosophers. I wanted to take a class on it in college, but didn't have the time. One of the reasons I do not feel the need to read a lot of philosophers is that I know there are so many different views. My understanding is that even among respected academics, there is not really a consensus on much. I hope to read some of the big-name philosophers eventually, though.
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User Info: linkkhalid89

6 years ago#10
Yeah, I was a little irritated by the "free will vs. determinism" debate in the previous thread. It's a very difficult question to address, particularly because there's not a clear way to define what it means when someone "could have done something different."
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