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Is the Earth older than the Sun?

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the final bahamut 6 years ago#21
It's very amusing when someone tries to come off as serious and then misspells "desert" so mid-sentence I start imagining city dwelling slaves all residing in some sort of giant cake.

Serious!? Moi!!? Dear boy where have you been? Also, I think that one was my phone's fault, but I've always been **** at double consonants.
E ys Bahamut! oui risyhc puna sa! Oui uvvaht sa cahcac!!!
DISCLAIMER: I'm not accountable for this post. I don't know English I just hit keys at random.

User Info: KNessJM

6 years ago#22
The Genesis story makes sense if you remember that the writers at the time had little to no knowledge of science.

Quote of the Week: "All across the Milky Way, life softly fades."

User Info: Master Cilander

Master Cilander
6 years ago#23
Creation really never stops. It's a cyclical process of death and replenishment. Seems like a difficult process for anyone to describe.
I make this look easy!
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