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ATTN: Conservative Christians

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User Info: narcotic_narc

6 years ago#1
what is the biblical basis for your politcal beliefs?

honest question; not trying to troll.
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User Info: wo0ter

6 years ago#2
Parable of the Talents, and "Judge Not, Lest you be judged" are the the origin of a number of my political beliefs.

User Info: the_hedonist

6 years ago#3
I thought we went over this a few weeks ago.

There are two reasons I am fiscally conservative. First, God loves a cheerful giver. If my charity is voluntary, it's much more likely to be done from personal motivation, and thus much more likely to be done in joy. Second, I genuinely believe it is the most efficient economic system.

I'm generally not conservative on social issues, except for abortion.
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User Info: SirThinkALot

6 years ago#4
Im fiscially/economically conservitive because I think it will ultimately benefit the most people.

Also I'm always leery about people inserting 20/21st century politics into a 2000+ year old text.
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