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How can you not be concerned about hell ?

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User Info: Xjph

6 years ago#51

From: AdamKesher2001 | #012
Are you concerned about having to repeat the cycle of suffering as a lower form of life?
None of these have survived the test of time. Nobody takes these seriously.

Buddhism predates Christianity, and I assure you a lot of people take it quite seriously.
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User Info: NsM Comatosis

NsM Comatosis
6 years ago#52
AdamKesher2001 posted...
You don't know that it doesn't exist. How do you know that it's not in a different dimension or a plane of existence??

Why take a gamble on something that has eternal consequences?? Wouldn't it be wise to just play it safe and take the necessary precautions for avoiding it, like repenting and doing what the Bible says (i.e. worshipping Jesus and making him lord & saviour)??

You're taking a gamble just as much as we are. Have you ever lost any sleep over the fact that you may have been worshipping the wrong god and prophet this whole time? What if Islam is the one true religion? You're definitely ****ed, and your situation is just as sorry as any atheist's.

Plenty of religion offer mutually exclusive ideas about the afterlife. There really is just no reason to take any of them seriously. If you had been born elsewhere, you'd feel very differently about who is the real god out there.
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User Info: anavriN

6 years ago#53
Why on earth would you want to deter someone from being a hard worker?

When did I ever say such a thing?
§ 157. Der Gedanke an den Selbstmord ist ein starkes Trostmittel: mit ihm kommt man gut über manche böse Nacht hinweg.

User Info: KNessJM

6 years ago#54
There is no behaviour less desirable than dying though.

Dying is not a behavior. A behavior is an action we take. Dying is an effect that happens as a result of an action. Suicide is a behavior, dying because you shot yourself in the head is not.

Also, why are crime rates lower when the punishments are harsher? Like in countries where they'll chop your hand off for stealing there's a lot less theft going on.

It's almost impossible to directly compare crime rates across all countries, as different things are illegal in different places, different crimes are recorded differently, and in some places the legal system is so corrupt that no reliable statistics can be found. The hard data we do have, however, shows that US States which have the death penalty also have higher murder rates.


Hell, why do we even have prisons at all if a back rub and a cup of hot coco would be much more effective in rehabilitating criminals?

Behavior modification therapy is hardly comparable to a back rub and cocoa. It's neither rewarding nor punishing. It's a psychological approach to understanding the issue fully, and then conditioning the person to act in a different way.
Quote of the Week: "He who is attached to things will suffer much."
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