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Why such a backlash against intelligent design?

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User Info: fudrick

6 years ago#41
Faust_8 posted...
How do you know this?

He did say "if"
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User Info: mystic belmont

mystic belmont
6 years ago#42
How do we know that the pre-suckers would have no advantage over the creatures survival? Perhaps the animal can use the presuckers for something else?
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User Info: anavriN

6 years ago#43
And it's here that people tend to state that ID has a "supernatural requirement" for the designer. This is false. The recognition of something's origination as designed or not designed does not put a supernatural requirement on the source of the design...

But the only alternative for a supernatural designer are aliens. And if aliens designed something that requires intelligent design, than so they must require a designer.
So your options are either an incoherent system (we require an intelligent designer, but the designer itself doesn't, which refutes the whole premise of ID), or infinite regress (the designer need an even more complex designer, who need an even more complex designer...).

ID without a supernatural being makes no sense. And ID with a supernatural being is simply creationism with a pair of sunglasses and a fake mustache, nervously twiddling its thumbs and hoping that nobody notices the disguise..
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User Info: FoxTheSwift

6 years ago#44
The problem was that intelligent design was an underhanded way for the same groups of people to try to sneak creationism in the classroom. That naturally isn't going to sit right with most people, religious or not, except the hardcore theocrats.

The theory itself is odd, because it puts itself in opposition to evolution, but in reality, one can easily believe in god and evolution at the same time. And it obviously isn't scientific to begin with, which makes anyone who respects science in the slightest not take it seriously.
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