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I want a book that objectively describes the historicity of the Koran...

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User Info: Quleughy

6 years ago#1
However, so far, the two most recommended choices to me lie at the ends of two extremes: Islamic apologetics as is the case of Karen Armstrong and Islamic hatred as in the case of Ibn Warraq. I want a book that lies in the middle ( an objective viewpoint) and just tells it like it is like what The Bible Unearth is for Judaism or Jesus, Interrupted for Christianity. Any recommendations?
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User Info: Retrotastic

6 years ago#2
Some sort of history of the Middle East book is your best bet. Books about religions specifically tend to be loaded one way or the other.

User Info: OrnitierIX

6 years ago#3
Islam: Past, Present and Future by Hans Kung might have what you're looking for.
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User Info: Dbzmaniax

6 years ago#4
Keep in mind that the history of the Qur'an is very different to the history of the Bible. The Bible is a work by many different authors who lived centuries apart. This is completely different to the history of the Qur'an which, according to the vast majority, is a work of a single author (regardless of whether you believe that author to be Muhammad sallalahu alayhi wasalam or God Himself).

Personally, I would say that "The Qur'an and the Orientalists" ( is a good book on the subject. Yes, the book is written from the point-of-view of a Muslim but it does present and outline practically all the major arguments used by the Orientalists and will give you a good grounding to branch from.

I'm not sure how much experience you have with the Qur'an, but keep in mind that the style of the Qur'an is unique. If you haven't had much experience, it may help to read through a translation before doing any further research on the subject.
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  3. I want a book that objectively describes the historicity of the Koran...

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