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Do analogies actually add something to debates?

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User Info: Faust_8

6 years ago#11
Sometimes I see analogies as the only possible way to explain things to some people...

They say something utterly ridiculous and you need to give them a similar analogy in order for them to actually see how ridiculous you sound to them.

As long as people know that the RELATIONSHIP between A-B and C-D is all that matters, and not that A has to equal C, then there doesn't have to a debate on whether it's a good analogy or not.
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User Info: OrangeWizard

6 years ago#12
GuideToTheDark posted...
I intended to make you groan and/or lol, but you did it to me instead.

Do you know what anal means?

The "correct" term would be "analology".
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User Info: SirThinkALot

6 years ago#13
analogies are useful to clarify/explain a poinot. Oftentimes its hard to grasp a broad point, but easier to grasp a more specific example/illustration.

However, it is posssible to put too much emphasis on an analogy, its helpful to remember they are not, in themselves, arguments.
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User Info: anavriN

6 years ago#14
I can clearly see the appeal when teaching, anyhow, as it helps understand a subject by being shown an analogous, more common situation. But for actual arguments between two person, the appeal seems less obvious.

I fully agree with this.
An analogy (properly used) is a wonderful way to illustrate a point, but it never proves one.
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  3. Do analogies actually add something to debates?

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