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The Devil and Daniel Webster.

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User Info: squareandrare

6 years ago#11

Twilight Zone episode based on The Devil and Daniel Webster.
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-- Leon Lederman

User Info: FlashOfLight

6 years ago#12
Hmm, it's hard for me to refer to the portrayal of Satan in the Daniel Webster movie without mentioning the part at the end via a spoiler, but nevertheless I think it's in sync, especially when the Bible does describe him as someone petty and not physically impressive in his human form, ala the Wizard of Oz, but his cunning attributes and his lack of caring otherwise is pretty well featured in the movie.

The mentioned Twilight Zone depictions of him are also well carried out, I own all the episodes so I am pretty in tune with all the times he was a key character, in "Of Late I Think of Cliffordville" he is presented as a deceptive vixen, and that's the form that usually gets most men.
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User Info: Guide

6 years ago#13
Does it have to be a movie? Neil Gaiman/ Mike Carey's Lucifer is probably my favorite. That and the robot from Futurama.
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