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Just gonna leave this here.

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User Info: Icymane_Shado

6 years ago#1
"There's only two things I fear more than myself in a battle, God and my shadow"

User Info: OrangeWizard

6 years ago#2
From the first link:
Whether those "thousands of years" are 13,500 or only 4,000 depends on the dating method used

I wonder what dating method would produce 4,000 years?
"this game is about reality. ... when you fire a gun you are not like "what is this am i shooting sausages?""
-General_Dong on Black Ops

User Info: Faust_8

6 years ago#3
Still can't find an un-biased source, eh?
My understanding of reality is contingent...on reality.
"We think the future that we will find together is greater than the assumptions of our past."

User Info: kozlo100

6 years ago#4
I wonder what dating method would produce 4,000 years?

A few paragraphs earlier they cite biblical chronology as giving that number.
The problem, then, is that if subjective worlds are experienced too differently, there occurs a breakdown in communication. -- Philip K. Dick

User Info: anavriN

6 years ago#5
*brings out the pop-corn*

This seems relevant to my entertainment issues.

*commences the popping of said popcorn*
§ 157. Der Gedanke an den Selbstmord ist ein starkes Trostmittel: mit ihm kommt man gut über manche böse Nacht hinweg.

User Info: Heineken14

6 years ago#6
*clicks second link*
*sees 2 mentions of intelligent design*
*closes second link*
Do you have anything flashier? I want something that says "I own this room. I own you."

User Info: KNessJM

6 years ago#7
Quote of the Week: "He who is attached to things will suffer much."
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