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Studying christianity..

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User Info: anavriN

6 years ago#51
I actually would disagree with you. An omni-potent being could very well make himself omniscient or not at well- and, hence, able to feel surprise from a 'first person viewpoint'.

This just seems like asking that darned question if God can make a burrito that's so hot that he can't eat it. Not being omniscient contradicts omnipotence.

Again, I disagree. Why is actually being in the situation nessicary to know what an emotion feels like, or how humans will act upon it? Why is the 'first-person perspective' nessicary?

Because emotions are responses to our environment and are (to a certain agree) beyond our control. If you take away those key elements, you no longer have emotion, but a quite hollow abstraction of what emotions ought to be.

And as has been said, my point isn't so much that an omnipotent God cannot grasp qualia (know-what-it's-like), my point is that it cannot truly have these emotions. An omnipotent being who is sad or happy or jealous or surprised is simply impossible, because authentically having those emotions require you to be not-omnipotent.
§ 157. Der Gedanke an den Selbstmord ist ein starkes Trostmittel: mit ihm kommt man gut über manche böse Nacht hinweg.
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