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What's the evidence in favor of god's existence?

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User Info: chukie_sue

5 years ago#111
"God designed these things the way He wanted, then God designed these other things the way He wanted."
"In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. ...It isn't 'in the beginning, a monkey evolution gay marriage'." - Colbert

User Info: ElderMisanthropy

5 years ago#112
Truly the height of intellectual dishonesty.
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User Info: fudrick

5 years ago#113
chukie_sue posted...
I really just don't see this as a significant question. Either things got altered from their original more efficient state as a result of the fall, or God wanted those things to be like that for some specific purpose. Personally, I couldn't really care less. I don't have time to watch the video now, but I am pretty familiar with some "bad engineering."

"But life is so perfect, it had to be created!"
"But.. what about all these imperfections?"
"Well god just wanted them that way!"
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User Info: hunter_gohan

5 years ago#114
chukie_sue posted...
Really? You're saying that if God has other motives keeping Him from creating people a certain way, He is therefore impotent? That's absurd.

There is a slight ridge on the inside of the human skull. The only thing it does is make it easier to die from blunt trauma to the head. If someone actually designed this they are either a psychopath or a frelling idiot. There are numerous examples like this through all kinds of life forms. And no, "the fall" cop-out does not work because he is supposed to be omnipotent and omniscient which means he would have planned the fall and everything that it caused. So again, psychopath, frelling idiot, or maybe it was a non-sentient force that only "cared" about lifeforms surviving long enough to reproduce.

Yes, truly designing a human being is easier than designing a clock.

For an omnipotent god both would be of equal difficulty.

Your rudeness was quite unnecessary. It also makes it difficult to converse productively.

I'm sorry you felt it was rude, but it is laughable.

like clockwork
With machinelike regularity and precision; perfectly: The project proceeded like clockwork."

The multitude of birth defects and illnesses speaks to the opposite of life having clockwork like precision.

Here's an example of how this is an absurd conclusion:

Person A has been offended by Person B. Person A wants to retaliate, but they instead remain calm, walk away, and forgive Person B.

With the reasoning you've used above applied here, Person A is incapable of retaliating.

This, of course, can not be concluded. It simply registered higher on Person A's priorities to shrug it off rather than start a fight.

Ok, I will restate it. So you're saying god values his narcissism greater than he values performing as a competent engineer?

Again, only with the premise that the absolute first priority of God when creating man was to keep it simple.

If you were to drive from Florida to New York, with the only purpose being getting there(meaning you're not going on a site-seeing roadtrip), would you plan a route that goes through Alaska? fudrik already talked about the laryngeal nerve:

"...the laryngeal nerve which, in certain fish, goes in a straight path, but as you follow through its descendants, the nerve stretches out to the point that in a giraffe it is a ~20 foot long nerve that connects two spots that are only a few inches away in the giraffe's head/neck region? "

It's single and only purpose is to connect two different spots(well and transmit signals obviously but this design only hampers that). Someone actually designing this is no different then the person that plans a route through Alaska to get to New York from Florida.

"But life is so perfect, it had to be created!"
"But.. what about all these imperfections?"
"Well god just wanted them that way!"

*sighs* If only this line of "logic" wasn't so frelling common.
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User Info: legendoftom

5 years ago#115
Kapoop posted...
legendoftom posted...
The whole bit of who created the universe/who created God is such a paradox to me, because both seem to be questions that cannot be answered. Unless our universe came from another universe, but that begs the question of what created that other universe.

Looks very interesting, I'll have to watch it when I get a chance.
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