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>God makes certain skin on human males

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User Info: hunter_gohan

6 years ago#331
Suibom posted...
Not the whole head. Just the foreskin.

No, the whole head. Not the glans, the head that contains your brain. It's an ancient tradition. A part of the Celtic culture.

I also descend from Vikings. So raiding, looting, pillaging, raping, and headhunting are all ancient traditions of the cultures of my people. Just because things were/are a part of tradition/culture does not mean they're good things. I mean hell, with the civil rights act only coming about in the middle of the last century, you could argue that racism is part of the traditional culture of America for the vast majority of it's existence. Still doesn't make racism a good thing.

You never answered the question. I asked if parents need their children's consent. If a parent is acting in what they feel is in their child's upbringing, from religion, to arts, athletics, and academics, to socio-political-economic viewpoints, to whatever else is reasonable, that's their right as parents, and up to a certain maturity within that child, it's a reasonable right to hold.

I thought I've made myself very clear. When the parents start to slice off pieces of the children's flesh without any medical need is where I draw the line. No, I don't think it should be illegal to serve vegetables without the consent of their children; merely, that everyone stops with the special pleading and treat the foreskin the same way they treat every other part that I've been pointing out where they summarily dismiss their own arguments.

You never answered my question either: Do you feel that it would be a good thing if parents could do whatever the frell they felt like doing to their kids? Should children merely be considered property that the parents can do with as they please? Or, perhaps, are children human beings who deserve at least some of the rights we grant to adults? Including the right to not have parts of your body forcefully sliced off with no medical need?

As we've seen from this discussion already, your side has nothing but logical fallacies on why forced circumcision is ok, but the examples I've been pointing out are bad.

All your examples were extremes of rape and torture and sadistic acts. Not exactly opposite of vegetables.

Needing permission for every little thing vs needing no permission to do whatever the frell you want seem to be opposite to me.

Actually, mercuryink has still been consistently defending the murder of innocents in other topics, including defending the choice to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Guess I was a little too optimistic there. :/
If you find yourself falling into madness -- dive. -Malkavian Clan Book 1st edition
We eat gods for breakfast. - Dr Egon Spengler
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