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Denominations and Chocolate.

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User Info: sthater

6 years ago#31

From: TheRealJiraiya | Posted: 8/11/2011 9:53:34 PM | #030
Ive never seen a JW either.. and I dont recall ever seeing a 7DA either (is that a legit abbreviation?) although I wouldnt have known what it meant before like a year ago and likely would have written it off, and their kids who come to my camp probably arent as conscious of the differences as a JW or Catholic would be.

Ive met quite a few Mormons in my time, but weirdly enough most of the missionaries Ive seen (aside from those of my own denomination - I dont think my family has lacked missionaries in like 5 generations lol :P ) have been Muslim.

Muslim missionaries are really ineffective though. Every time I see them they give off this grumpy "I dont want to be here" vibe. Not at all like Mormon missionaries.

Huh interesting. I don't know about the abbreviation for Seventh Day Adventists. I had always figured SDA but yeah I don't know. Actually I know SDAs pretty well since there happens to be SDA church camp right across the lake from where my family owns a cabin and right where I race jet-skis during the summer with friends.
If you come show some courtesy, some sympathy, and some taste.
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User Info: Jigglysaint

6 years ago#33
I might give my finest chocolate, but people will take one quick look at the brand and decry it as carob. You know, like the "other Jesus" thing. Doesn't matter if everybody gets together and puts aside their differences of what the best chocolate is, they will always come and accuse outsiders of having fake chocolate.

I want some chocolate now. Also M&M Minis ARE better than regular M&M's. Of course it takes a special, elite sort of person to be aware of that fact.
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