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Eternal Life

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User Info: fudrick

5 years ago#11
TheRealJiraiya posted...
people forget that there is a happiness in the simple pleasure of being in the company of someone you enjoy, and who enjoys you. When that being is God, there is an infinite amount of exploration and understanding to be gained.

I don't know how much I would enjoy the company of any being who did the things god does in the OT =/
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User Info: NsM Comatosis

NsM Comatosis
5 years ago#12
The question is whether or not your happiness now would in any way diminish if it turns out we don't live forever, or if it wouldn't count at all. Up until the moment you died, you would have been a happy person. I fail to see how that's worse, unless the argument is made that people who completely cease to exist somehow retain the ability to feel regret after death.

I don't know anyone who regrets not living prior to being born, thus I have no reason to assume we'll be able to feel regret once we die.
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