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Fellow Christians: Should we pray for Satan?

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User Info: fudrick

5 years ago#51
Chaos Scade posted...

"Once a monk felt much pain and, while he was kneeling at prayer, he said the following: 'You are God and, if You want, You can find a way to save these miserable demons who first enjoyed such great glory, but now are full of all the evilness and cunning of the world. Without Your protection, they would have devoured all human beings.' While he was saying these words, praying in pain, he saw a dog's head next to him sticking out his tongue and mocking him. It seems that God allowed for this to happen in order to inform the monk that He is ready to accept the demons provided they repent, but they themselves do not want their salvation."

We know from other stories of Elder Paisios that he is likely here talking about himself, since he later confessed that he once fasted and prayed for two weeks for the salvation of the devil, but the devil appeared to him after all that and merely mocked him.

How strange that a man who fasts for weeks at a time would see a strange hallucination... it must have been from god.
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User Info: almasbaby

5 years ago#52
I pray he doesn't stick a hot pokey up my butt if and when we meet in the hereafter.

User Info: Rango

5 years ago#53
What's the point?

Has anyone told you God helps those who only help themselves?

Satan has dwelled in Hell forever and ever. I'm sure God could help him if Satan wanted that so much, but he refuses. He likes being the bad guy and wants to rule in his dominion of hellfire.

User Info: Silviiro

5 years ago#54
Satan has never been to Hell (presuming Hell is a place and not a state.)
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User Info: Ivashanko

5 years ago#55
Origen, on of the earliest Church Fathers, believed so. He believed (in summary) that Jesus' death was not only necessary for the sake of man, but also it was an attempt to save Satan himself in a way that did not break Satan's free will.

You should read Origen's works, though he wrote far too much in his lifetime for any person not obsessed with the subject to go over.
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