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What is your (religious, if any) view

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User Info: GBALoser

4 years ago#11
TheRealJiraiya posted...
Stupid poll deserves a stupid answer. KILL ALL THE INNOCENTS
Every once in a while I realize the human race may be worth saving. Of course, then I come back here, but still, those are good moments. -Readyman

User Info: Lord_Ichmael

4 years ago#12
kozlo100 posted...
There is no option on that poll that represents my position on the matter.

I think abortion is morally permissible, but extremely undesirable, and would strongly advise against it when asked by someone considering getting one. I also think it should not be illegal, and advocate a position to that effect when asked how one should vote on the issue.

This. Straw man ahoy here.
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