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BSF study for tonight: God blesses those who exemplify faith in him.

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User Info: JonWood007

4 years ago#41
Still more way believable than a supernatural deity came down and killed hundreds of thousands of dudes. It's simple. Sennacherib was unhappy with Judah's tribute, he went in and attacked many cities and sieged jerusalem, hezekiah caved and gave Sennacherib everything he could. I could imagine whatever surrender/negotiations them having being Hezekiah begging to be spared. The fact that Hezekiah had to give him his own daughters IS humiliating. And then, of course, the writers of the Biblical accounts spun it to make Israel look victorious. There really aren't holes in the account, you just want there to be holes to discredit it. I'm not gonna say Sennacherib is honest, but what account would hold up better in a court of law, that a massive empire sieged a small backwater kingdom into submission, or that a supernatural deity smited the army of a massive empire? Think about it. Take all the time you need.

Ok let me put it this way:

Sennacherib's account: overall plausible (ordinary claim), although possibly exaggerated.

Bible's account: not very plausible (extraordinary claims), Bible also known to exaggerate.

Sennacherib's account makes ordinary claims. A big empire besieged a small town and got tons of tribute out of them. Overall, believable. Is it possible there are inaccuracies and exaggerations? Sure, but the overall account is plausible.

The Bible's account makes extraordinary claims. It claims that God (or an angel, I forget), came down and smited 185,000 people. The Bible is also known to exaggerate the crap out of stuff. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, or a much higher burden of proof. This burden has not been met. Even if Sennacherib lies and exaggerates and spins, his account is still more believable than someone who makes outrageous claims of an army being destroyed.
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