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A religion discussion between me and MrRepzion on Youtube.

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User Info: OrangeWizard

4 years ago#11
Running my mouth about what? All I said was "Good for you"
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User Info: Proudclad

4 years ago#12
Would be interested in your opinion and suggestions, chukie.
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User Info: chukie_sue

4 years ago#13
I don't remember anything I employments of logic on your part that I disagreed with. There were a few points in particular that I liked:

- God's moral status has nothing to do with whether He exists (even though this should be obvious it evades many critics)
- The gospel accounts conflicting on minor details may even strengthen the historicity of the accounts

You were also right in realizing the person you were replying to had some preconceived notions in his head about certain matters and I applaud you for digging deeper and pointing them out rather than just talking at him.

Though I personally think the passages in 2 Kings are simply God enacting His prerogative to kill. First a little clarification because usually when (or deist in this case) this story is presented there is bias and oversimplification that changes things.

- This is what the Hebrew word used to depict the young offenders. na`ar
1) a boy, lad, servant, youth, retainer
a) boy, lad, youth
b) servant, retainer

You will find that the same word is used to describe both young men and infants. The minor point I'm making is that the storytellers often depict God as killing a bunch of kids, but linguistically they can't confidently say that.

- This was just some people insulting some guy for hair loss and telling him to fly away. It was mocking the visible spokes person for God (by the way, if you look through the Bible, God wasn't even tolerant to my knowledge of mocking h His prophets), and smearing Elijah as well. Elijah had just recently gone on up to heaven. The news was public. By insulting Elijah's successor and the words they employed to do it, they were showing contempt for multiple prophets of God and by extension God Himself.

- Lastly, it probably wasn't just a group of kids. It was a bunch of boys. The verse says a group came out of the city and proceeded to mock him. Their intention was obvious to cause trouble. Two bears get sent on em, and they manage to kill 42. Forty two. That's a lot of people, and he language of the verse clearly indicated that there were more. That's a big group of youths specifically formed to confront a prophet of God.

Now honestly I see all of that as a little irrelevant anyway. I mean there are plenty of places already in the bible where God killed people. This isn't really different from any one of them.

So yeah, good video, looking forward to the next one.
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User Info: Proudclad

4 years ago#14
Thanks chukie
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