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Mere Christianity - Anyone Read It? Good for beginners?

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User Info: Ivashanko

4 years ago#31
^^ might wanna take that down, you could get modded for that.

That cat made me laugh. :) I might use that image in the future.

User Info: Julian_Caesar

4 years ago#32
Lewis is one of the few authors who's ever been brave enough to balance the objective and the subjective. Also, his works are all predicated on the assumption that God exists (which is the central assumption of Christianity), so of course if someone doesn't agree with that premise then they're not going to like what he says. But his observations of human nature and character are frighteningly accurate, as was his essay on Democracy (included at the end of most modern Screwtape Letters editions).

For all the above reasons, a large of chunk of Christian thinkers draw upon him for inspiration (Piper is one of the notable ones). Also for all the above reasons, non-Christian philosophers dismiss him as a hack. In many ways, I find that the most compelling reason to listen to what the man wrote. Because just as faith in God drives a wedge between those who believe and those who don't, so did Lewis' writings drive a wedge between those who accept subjectivity in their thinking and those who refuse to allow even a hint of uncertainty.

Also, The Four Loves is the most breath-taking explanation of friendship I've ever read, and Lewis makes a stunningly compelling case that it ought to be revered at the same level as romantic relationships.

From: WhereDidItGo | #018
I think it telling that even the critics of his works, like Mere Christianity, will speak positively of his fiction. He himself said that his works like Narnia could possibly sneak past "sleeping dragons" and allow us to see old things in new ways. Ultimately, I'd say one appreciates Lewis in so far as their worldview will allow, which is really at the heart of all religious discussion.


From: anavriN | #025
His defense of the doctrine of eternal Hell repulses me. Sociopathic, opportunistic, egocentric Good-Guy Badge wearing ************* that he is.

I see your view hasn't changed. I'm assuming you never read those references I gave you? Including the one I mention above? No matter what else you think about him, The Four Loves and A Grief Observed will obliterate any notion you might have that he was an unfeeling or abnormally egocentric person (since all people are egocentric to a degree).
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