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Why do Christians cherry pick the good parts of the Bible?

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User Info: inferiorweasel

4 years ago#91
Why do opponents cherry puck the bad?
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User Info: ZeroXcuses

4 years ago#92
Imperator420 posted...
Julian_Caesar posted...
From: gamesrgreat | #014
So the only reason you don't own slaves is because it isn't socially/culturally acceptable?

Like it or not, it's the only reason you don't own slaves (assuming either of us would be financially capable of such a thing). But yes, if you or I had lived 2000 years ago and were possessed of the wealth necessary for it (and the social status which encouraged it), then we'd probably own slaves. Of course, this scenario also assumes that we lack the same teaching which we received in our present-day lifetimes concerning basic human rights and whatnot.

I'll do you one further. Forget having lived 2000 years ago. If all the members of this board, or some other random and similarly sized grouping of people, were transported back in time to 50 B.C., in a time machine, some of us would get slaves. I wouldn't - or at least, I like to imagine that I wouldn't - but there are definitely people raised in the modern world who would buy slaves if thrust into a culture where all the rich people had them. It might even be arrogance on my part to assume that I wouldn't consider it after a long enough time.

I'll piggyback on these two excellent posts.


1. Slavery in the Bible should be looked upon like polygamy, the Judges, and the Kings. It was not God's original intent to have any of these things, but man's sinful nature demanded them, so God implemented further rules--believe it or not--to protect these unfortunate individuals. I recommend doing some reading on what life looked like for these individuals BEFORE Mosaic law. You THINK the OT is brutal....

2. Indeed, modern sexuality is indicative of this. From human trafficking to "hooking up." The reduction of women to third class citizens would ameliorate it, too.

If you were to look at slavery in Biblical times, or even before the Trans Atlantic Trade, and juxtapose those classifications with the chattel system, you will find that the usage of "slave" is dynamic throughout time.

When we hear, think about or talk about the word "slave," well, I can't even begin to assume what any given individual knows, because I've been teaching college-level classes since 2007, and out of class sizes of 50+, I might be able to count on two hands the number of students who have actually read a slave narrative let alone a history book on slavery.

Prisoners of war, the indebted/payments for debts, volunteers..."slave" encompassed more than "forced labor." Slaves also had upward mobility and could self-redeem. None of that existed in the chattel system. It was totally and fully exploitative.
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