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I need a definition of faith that is precise.

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User Info: Xigbar

5 years ago#1
It seems that faith is neither synonymous with knowledge nor hope, despite coming conspicuously close to one or the other rather often. When you say

"I have faith in God being real", it isn't exactly the same thing as saying any of the following:

A) "It is my opinion that God is real"

B) "It is my knowledge that God is real."

C) "I hope that God is real"

If you don't believe me on that, try insinuating to any Christian that either A, B, or C is congruent with a statement of religious belief in God's existence. If any Christians reading this want to prove me wrong and equate faith with one of the three, your input is highly encouraged., but I am doubtful that any of you will.

So, what precisely is faith?
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User Info: myzz7

5 years ago#2
From: Xigbar | #001
So, what precisely is faith?

It is the presumption of knowledge in the entity without causational evidence.
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User Info: Xigbar

5 years ago#3
I'm pretty sure my Christians here can back me up on faith=/= presumed knowledge. Though it would not look good for them if they couldn't provide a worthy alternative definition.
I aim to misbehave.

User Info: OrangeWizard

5 years ago#4
Would you rather take a definition from the Bible instead?

Hebrews 11:1
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User Info: kirsybuu

5 years ago#5
I gave a definition in a topic a little while ago:

Faith is that which is used to justify certainty in a belief in the absence of sufficient proof/evidence to justify that certainty.

Thus "I have faith that God exist" means "I cannot justify the existence of God using proof/evidence but I am certain God exists."
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User Info: JonWood007

5 years ago#6
A is pretty much the closest to my definition. It's an opinion more than anything. C might play into it too.
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User Info: Hustle Kong

Hustle Kong
5 years ago#7
Faith, like justice, may be one of those ideas that is difficult to pin down, as it will differ somewhat depending on whom you ask.
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User Info: the_hedonist

5 years ago#8
There is no reason to believe that faith contradicts reason or is without reason. The apostles saw the risen Christ in person; should it be said they did not have faith? No. Faith is trust in a person, which inherently includes belief in that person's existence. The amount of reason used to bolster that assumed belief will vary from person to person.
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User Info: Suibom

5 years ago#9
For me, faith is two things:

1. Belief - I believe because in me there is an inescapable drawing to something that is unseen. For me, it's the Godhead of the Father, Son, and Spirit, and to their Word.

2. Trust - I trust because of my own personal experiences of conviction of my sins, acceptance in salvation, and testimonies of the Bible and Holy Spirit's workings in my life; confirming the Bible's promises with accompanying signs.

It's not blind faith. It's not impersonal faith.
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User Info: HylanKnight

5 years ago#10
Another problem with defining faith is that there are different levels of faith. There's the weaker kinds of faith: blind faith, having faith in something just because you don't see why not, saying you have faith in something just because you hope it's true or you like the idea, or having faith in another person who says something is true. Then there's stronger faith based on personal spiritual experiences, and resolving doubts. There are also three phases of faith in God. The first one being simply a belief, the second being actions in accordance with the belief, and the highest is being able to receive miracles and help from God.
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  3. I need a definition of faith that is precise.

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